You think you do, but you don't

I don’t keep a memory bank of links to content I’m aware of.

Av bosses don’t drop loot. I said rep gear.

I don’t know about you, but I do not want 2, 4, 6, 12 hour long AV matches. I will take these 10 minute/ 2300+ honor matches over that crap any day.

Where is the content though? In the end the experience is what matters, not easy gear that everyone is going to have.

You know you’re ranking against people that are getting the same honor so in the end it’s a pointless arbitrary number. It also makes all other content inefficient so if you want to rank you’re stuck doing 1000s of 7 min zergs on an easy pve boss.

No mention of additional gear here: Classic PvP Content Plan Or here: Alterac Valley in Classic

Are you sure your memory is sound?

Mate you’re missing my point entirely. The gear I am refering to is in dungeons if you read my reply correctly I made that clear twice already. I was giving an example of how blizz has made some content pre 1.12 so saying everything is based on 1.12 is incorrect and therefore a foundless argument.

I experienced it back in 2005-2006. I do not need to experience that anymore. Who has time for a 4+ hour long match anyway? All that did was create a bunch of AFK macro bots who stood in the tunnel doing nothing.

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Like horde right now? Isn’t the whole point of classic to RE-EXPERIENCE old content or to experience it for the first time if you missed out?

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That’s why it’s called a grind. The beauty of Classic is that I get to see all all the 25 year olds who have been insisting that the game was dumbed down over the years come to the realization that it was easy all along. It just seemed harder at age 10.

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Obviously if you want to rank, you have to do whatever the META is and this version of AV is currently the META. I really don’t care to hit rank 14, but I definitely do not want to spend 8 hours in one match. That’s just ridiculous.

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That’s my point we could of had a better meta. Thats actually pvp orientated.

QQ, we knew it was gonna be like this when they said we were getting 1.12 version, i’ma enjoy my don julios ring and get to pvp in WSG and AB when it comes out.

And yet you still haven’t provided concrete proof to back up your claims of changes to patch content. If you want to invalidate my point, show me the proof, and I’ll concede that there were changes. “It is known,” is just not a convincing argument.

Originally the tree dude and the Ice dude did.

Can’t remember if the raid bosses did or not.

Talking 1.5 AV, ya know the version we asked for.

I’m pretty sure we were right about rush AV being garbage, and about xserver BGs meaning never seeing the same people.

The problem with Blizz is- they told us ‘you think you do’ and then didn’t give us what we were asking for. Well duh, of course we don’t if you aren’t giving us what we think we do- it’s common f###ing sense.


In actual Vanilla, AKA all the game that existed before 1.12.

The best place to rank up was WSG, it was 10X better than AV because the matches were usually fast and organized.

You never needed to spend 8hrs in a match to get rank in actual Vanilla.

1.12 was a very short period of time right before the TBC pre-patch where Blizzard changed tons of stuff and added the curse know as CRBG because they needed to test the new system that was required for ranked arena.

Hope that makes sense, this is why players are pissed off; 1.12 is not what most players think of when they think of Vanilla WoW and why many of us attempted to point out how much a mistake 1.12 was.


If that is the case, why do we have pre 1.12 riding and pre 1.12 rank 11 mounts?

Mate, your lack of knowledge is not my issue nor is it worth my time or effort, sorry.

Just because we know doesn’t mean we can’t complain or protest. This isn’t the Gulag. Enjoy the item literally everyone will have.