You think you do, but you don't

With all the complaining about the lack of PvP in AV for massive honor gains, maybe they were right when they said “you don’t think you do, but you don’t.” :thinking: :thinking:


out of so many AV games so far today ive only seen one ally i know from grob…

cross-realms being region wide instead of 3-4 server battlegroups has me so dead inside…

also when i first entered AV i was thinking “where are the herbs?” and it dawned on me and soul was crushed. yeah i know they apparently announced 1.12 AVs long ago but i missed that. i didn’t believe they would be this stupid.


No just typical blizz thinking they know what the players want more then the players do. There was huge outcry requesting av being in an earlier state then 1.12 due to this very reason.

It’s a case of we think we do, but blizzard thinks they know better.


It’s not that they thought they knew better. They just didn’t want to waste time picking and choosing which features to bring in from which patch. They picked 1.12 a long time ago, and that’s what they’re delivering. I don’t know where all the shock and outrage is coming from.

I’m happy we got as much as we did. This iteration of the game is much more fun for me than BFA.


Yet other instanced content is pre 1.12 and other content is 1.12. They have picked which bits they want to phase release and which bits are 1.12. So that reasoning is irrelevant.

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What content is pre-1.12?

Class trinkets arn’t implemented. Certain dungeon loot hasn’t been added or set to the 1.12 bosses eg HoJ dropping off Angerforge. Etc

Did you post bug reports?

It’s not a bug, it’s an intended design choice.

Where did they announce this choice?

You can find it in the phase release schedule notes. You may think this is loot and doesn’t affect the way the game is played, but it’s actually just like av. Angerforge is easier to farm then the Emp so people are able to get a BiS trinket in some cases solo farming a boss instead of having to work through the hardest part of the dungeon. Av being 1.12 means you rep up faster getting gear rewards easier.

I’m loving it, I don’t know what yall are on about.

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I’m not seeing it here: WoW Classic “Not A Bug” List - Updated Feb. 19, 2020

I’ll check the release notes, but I’m skeptical.

Don’t be a durp; when the vast majority of us asked for Classic WoW we also very clearly articulated the desire for 1.5 era AV with all the NPC’s at full power.

Additionally there were those of us who also pointed out that all the PVE content that came out BEFORE naxxramas needed to be re-tuned to be in line with the 1.12 classes.

But nope, can’t have that because LOL literalist a-holes who wanted a literal 1.12 world with zero authentic play were those who got the say.


It’s a known fact. But sure you’ll find it somewhere. Maybe google it?

Easy isn’t better in the long run. Might as well play on vanilla fun servers. The novelty will wear off quickly and you’ll realise getting easy content and handouts makes it feel so hollow and pointless.

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Everything. The complaining is about everything.

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I don’t know it. If you knew it for sure, you would post a link like I did instead of sending me on wild goose chases. Some conspiracy thread on reddit is not proof of intentional design changes. By the way, nothing in today’s release notes indicates additional loot on AV bosses.

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I don’t keep a memory bank of links to content I’m aware of.

Av bosses don’t drop loot. I said rep gear.