You stole 50k gold

Just spent 50k gold getting my second crafted legendary item… only to put it on an it says only one allowed… no warning … no anything… i want my damn money back… an i love how much of a pain in the a… u make it to contact you or do ANYTHING about it…

I’d be angry as well!
Contacting Blizzard for something like this will probably end nowhere.
But, you can earn a second legendary usage by playing through ZM; just the campaign, nothing heart-breaking.

This is actually where they sent me to “TAKE CARE OF IT” pretty sad… an I already got the one in ZM. thought u could just equip as many as u can make … considering it took all my gold it seemed about right… smh

You can equip a 2nd one

I feel like the patch notes gave you all the information you were missing. Use your resources and this wont happen… don’t blame blizzard because you didn’t read notes or look up what you were doing before you did it… smh