You or someone in your party has entered too many instances

In my opinion, this isn’t a good solution, a lot of collectors are right now trying with every alt possible, We don’t even receive the % value that was changed for the first attempt.

And we keep receiving the same issue for “too many instances”, at least fix that issue if you don’t want to change the drop rate properly or do something more interesting like a new “hard mode” for the fight with increase drop.

The whole point was to stop making people feel like they need to alt-hop. Just run it once per day per account. Done.

Once they buffed that first drop, with the subsequent drops being SO MUCH worse in chance, running it more than once a day on alts doesn’t really help at all. Statistically insignificant.

Well I don’t have the value for that first attempt and there’s only 15 days of event… I can’t trust that lack of transperecy, So why they left open to further attempts, just do 1 epic box per day per account with a high drop rate and then any other alt can’t get the epic box.

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There is no way I wouldn’t be running all my alts even with this so called buff on the first character each day you take in…rest of my alts would be running too…and that too many instances needs to be turned off for that place during this event. I already have mount got it last year…


Choosing to throw an alt army at things isn’t always a purely rational calculation, it’s also fueled by a sort of gambler’s hope. Anything that adds a little hope, even if rationally one knows it’s only once a day, can motivate more effort at chasing the longshots.

Exactly, that’s why I’m doing it with every alt possible maybe it’s copium but I want that mount and this limit instance issue is really annoying, since I’ve most of my alts 42 on the same server.

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this is to combat bots.

It should be disable for this specific instance, I already got this message 4 times today…the drop is already terrible and the logisitics for the event too.

to do that they would have to do it for EVERY instance.

You have no idea how much rat chasing cheese behavior exists in wow players. Hours or days spent optimizing something so that it can take minutes less time.