"You Need An Active WoW Subscription To Post"

Can’t post on any forums besides the ones you don’t need an account for because the site says I don’t have an active sub, which is a lie since I am in-game atm with no problems. I was actually able to make one post, but the site quickly removed it saying it was removed f or not having a sub, but now I can’t post. I’m not banned or anything. Anyone know the problem?


Sometimes it takes a bit for the forum software to catch up. What you can try is to logout of the forums and log back in, that might help.

Glade I am not alone… Can post fine on mobile but on desktop, I am getting the same error


Did they ever come up with a fix?

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Nope … Not Yet

been subbed for over a month now and getting the same problem

blizzard is a shell of its former self

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