You know what this game needs?

overwatch has way too many lgbt characters. sexuality should not be in a FPS game. Blizzard needs to stop this woke BS. Now they are making a ton of people gay in SL. The main rogue in SW-gay, quest NPC in the blue heaven zone- gay quest character in the night fae place-gay. Why can’t we just get home from work and enjoy mindless entertainment without having to deal with Blizzard’s woke politics.

How about a Christian character?

Only if I get a banjo.

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we already have enough borrowed powers, just look at all these borrowed character levels, item levels, experience points, corruption, and abilities that are being returned back to blizzard next expansion

tauren rogues

It’s propaganda.

He’s trans actually.

Also, not that it’s going to matter much to you, but lgbt people can exist without it being a political statement. If you’re making it into one, then you’re the problem.


you are right, so why are half the characters in overwatch lgbtbbq? what are the chances of that without it being political?

Yeaaaah I’m not gonna pretend like you’re worth talking about this with.

Best of luck.

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Will this work?

It needs a gundam. Who doesn’t like a giant robot. Get in the robot shingi.

This game needs worgen tails. Give worgen tails! Give worgen tails! GIVE WORGEN TAILS!


One good pizza joint.

Ahmen hashtag free the worgen tails.

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no it doesn’t, if some of them pop up then cool but we don’t need them.

Grabs mallet. For pop goes the weassel.

I forgot to do this:

I am redirecting potential supporters from this thread to the superior thread.


I am honored to be at the forefront of such a movement.

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I’m picking up the tail end …

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I am honored to be partaking in your movement. I have tried my best to sow in give worgen tails stuff to threads that kinda relate, bringing more and more potential supporters to your fabulous thread.

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