You know, in terms of lore, Warriors have got to have the most moxie of any other class

Warriors exist in a world where there are giant fire breathing dragons, beings literally made of lightning, wizards and warlocks who can bend reality, these weird people who can turn into trees, and demons that can flash-fire cities with a flick of their wrist.

And all warriors do is just pick up a piece of metal and start hitting things until they stop bothering them. They don’t have superpowers, they aren’t infused with holy or demonic magic, they’re not sneaky, and are often quite loud. Nothing special, nothing strange, just muscles and some metal.


And yet without all that magic, hitting things with a club is very satisfying. It would be cool if Warriors had some flare to their abilities/kit. Would love Warriors to be like 2H Dragon Knights from ESO.


Warrior are pretty badass i agree!


and this is y they r most powerful i think

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I love that anyone could just pick up a sword and start hitting things and be classified as a “Warrior”, nothing special to them other than being insanely strong. I just wish we had a bit more flash, hell even the old Warbreaker animation from Legion would be nice!


Swords, axes (my choice), hammers, there’s more than enough metal for everyone!

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This is probably one of the reasons why I love Warrior, particularly Fury. Oh, that Retribution Paladin has a freakishly huge axe? Neato, I’ve got two, one in each hand.

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We get our rewards for being the most seemingly underpowered.

Class mounts? Monks got a talking cat. Mages got a sewer lid. rogues put a hat on a bird. Warriors? We punched a dragon in the face and made it our b**ch.

Class hall? Rogues? sewers. Mages? lame tower. Priests? Got their butts saved by paladins. Paladins? a lame church. Warriors? We got the feasting halls and armory of friggin Valhalla.

Rogues can sprint. Hunters can sprint. Every other class skipped leg day or can transform. Warrior? Im not only gonna break the sound barrier getting to you, but if you get away i’m gonna jump right ontop of you.

And… sudden realization; I think “Warrior” has the most class representation out of most lore figures.


Having the NF cov ability on my warrior has helped so much with wanting to play it. It’s just a little bit of magic, but it really goes a long way to spice up the skill set.

Yeah, but aren’t we descendants of Odin? That’s something.

Agreed (along with rogues & Hunters). In any game I typically play the heavy armored guy wielding a 2Her going up against all sorts of magical Gods & monsters. Any time I play a magic based class I feel like, “This is the side character or the minor character that helps the hero at some point along his journey”.


You know what goes together with warrior like peanut butter and jelly?


We forge our own steel and wield our axe and shield, for we are the tip of the spear!

I mean that great and all but.

Doesn’t our class still competitively stink?

And yet we can still be silenced

It has often been said over the years. It almost seems like, warriors see some heavy-handed nerfs going into every new expansion, then a combination of warrior-player resourcefulness, gear scaling and slight buffs makes them very competetive mid expansion. By the last patch Warriors are best tanks and at least one DPS is S tier. Prot warriors are cheezing arenas and everyone is calling for another round of nerfs. Rinse, repeat.

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as someone who’s played warriors since TBC…eeeeeeyup. Happens every xpac. The only time in my opinion those nerfs were guaranteed needed was in early Wrath because the scaling for Titan’s Grip was so ridiculously out of whack when raid purples started dropping that warriors weren’t just topping charts, warriors were so far ahead of the other dps the next best was doing something like 60% of the damage that warriors were doing. Something, by the way, testers were warning Blizzard about when Titan’s Grip was being iterated on. Really cool idea, but Fury was going to rule the roost as soon as they started getting gear. So they had to nerf Warrior accuracy by slapping a bunch of penalties on Titan’s Grip.

Warriors still ended up high on the charts. But this was the era of the death knight, who was king for the whole expansion.

Wrath was wierd, all of the encounters were designed to showcase DK utilities.

Im sorry, but I was really disappointed with the Warrior order in legion.

The only (seriously) only thing that really tickled my innards was the super-hero landing transportation system. Warrior order hall should have been Gurubashi Arena or something. The warrior themes got so religiously and magically polluted in Legion. Arms got the only artifact even slightly connected to any previous lore. (Though the scale of the earthwarder was cool, for sure.) Fury should have gotten Shalamayne‐ an artifact that is known for being wielded by a crazy warrior king, who dual wields. Rallying the Warrior order could have been going to every old world arena and announcing that Logash was dead, as a call to arms for all warriors.

"I am the Warrior.

When you see me, I will, most likely, not be attired formally. I will be encased in my steel. It will be dirty, bloody, and battered. I do not have a quick tongue or eloquent speech. I know nothing of the manners of the King’s court, or the ettiquette of the formal ball.

I am known by many names. Tank. Meatshield. Fighter. Brawler. Corpse.

I am the Warrior.

I have not the capability, nor the inclination, to hide. I cannot strike from stealth with devastating blows, then fade into the darkness. I cannot incinerate a foe from twenty paces away. I cannot deal death from a distance, safe from the return attacks of my enemy. In order to kill, I must close with the enemy. I see his eyes. I smell his breath. I taste his fear. And he tastes mine.

I cannot bend Nature to do my bidding. I cannot tap into the Nether and force it to do what I command. I cannot study the arcane and master it to my control. I command nought but my mind, my body, and my will. It is by those, and those alone, that I stand or fall.

I have no friends on my journey. No walkers of the void, summoned from the Nether as servants and bodyguards. No loyal beasts of the plains or woods, to defend me and comfort me in my pain. My sole companion is my weapon. I must care for it better than any hunter has ever cared for his beast. I must master it more than any warlock has ever mastered his demon. Without me, it is useless. Without it, I am nothing.

I cannot heal. I cannot shield. I cannot call upon the gods and see my prayers answered. I call to the spirits of my ancestors in the heat of battle, and they are silent. My only ability to protect is to offer myself, my blood and bone and sinew, as a sacrifice. To draw the attacks of our foes. To take the blows that would kill a lesser being, and continue to fight on.

I cannot kill with the speed and grace of the rogue, the suddenness and shock of the hunter, or the flamboyance and power of the mage. When I kill, it is a slow business. Slow and bloody for all concerned, myself included. I fight on, pummeled and battered so that my companions may receive the glory of the kill and the wreaths of victory. If I die and they yet live, it is an expected sacrifice.

I come in all races, all sizes. I fight under a thousand flags, on a million battlefields. I am dismissed by the highborn, scorned by the noble, lectured by the priest, and forgotten by the peasant. Until the time when the trumpets of battle sound, and those who would destroy them come forth. And then the cry goes up…“Where, oh where, is the Warrior?”

Pray to your gods that I continue to answer that call.

Few do answer the call. Fewer still survive. It is a long and hard road, this way of the Warrior. Along it lie pain, and fear, and death. Scant rewards and scanter gratitude. At the end, for most, is an anonymous grave on some windblown battlefield. If they are lucky.

And yet, I fight on. I do not even know why. Perhaps for glory, perhaps for fame, perhaps for money, perhaps for my country, perhaps for my family. Perhaps it is simply all I know how to do. But fight I will. Whether you appreciate it or not. Whether you even notice it or not. I will be out there, on the battle lines. Fighting. Killing. Dying.

I am the Warrior.

Death is my business.

Be it yours…or mine."

Not the author but gladly continue it.