You Have Been Disconnected From The Server (wow51900319)

I have been having log in issues for days. Today I cannot get in at all. Anyone else having this issue?

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I got dropped a few times yesterday evening but was able to log on and remain online this morning.

Nope, sounds like you might have a corrupted patch update might want to check technical support on the forums

Id suggest using the repair tool though

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Where do I find the repair tool?

In the tool box.

In your launcher, go to the WoW section. Then you should see a little button called “Options” right under the World of Warcraft logo on the WoW launcher panel next to “Redeem a code”. Once you click the “Options” button, you should see “Scan and Repair.”

No idea if this is the solution to the problem, just trying to help you figure out where it is in response to the other person’s advice to do it.

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Thanks for all the help guy. I ran the repair but I am still having the same issue. I log into the game for 5 seconds and then get kicked.

I am having the same problem and also thinking about unsubscribing.
I get disconnected after having a brief 10 millisecond view at my characters, and then I get logged out with the error WOW51900319. Let me know if you ever get help

I unsubbed. I have not been able to resolve the issue. It is only affecting 1 of my 12 chars but its my main soooooooo. As soon as I log into the char it says item not ready to use and crashes to disconnected from server.

Wow, that’s bizarre. The fact it only happens on one character def points at some kind of issue concerning that char on Blizz’ end, but I can’t be sure without information I wouldn’t be willing to give strangers on the internet :stuck_out_tongue:

It is very odd. It just started affecting a second one as well. I cant even delete the char it says failed to delete I dunno whats wrong.

I can log on but I am also getting that error from time to time.
I also was in a dungeon a couple days ago and got kicked out by their servers and got a nice 30 minute vacation on top of it to add insult to it.

Funny thing is I have two wow accounts running on the same computer. I’ll be on the same server (daggerspine) and one account will get booted from the server while the other account never hiccups.
Like to figure that one out.