"You have a chest nearby to open first!" - Can't use seeds?

I cannot get the achievement “I Dream of Seeds” because I cannot get the Flourishing Scurfpea. I have obviously never been to the node otherwise I would have the achievement completed right?

Please fix!!!

Yes, but the issue persisting for people is that the Dreamseed Chest at one spot is not visible for many and can’t be picked up.

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I have a workaround for all of the sites (other than Flourishing Scurfpea in the south):

  • Let someone else spawn a seed at the “broken” seed site.
  • Contribute 1 set of dew to it
    Result: Contribution goes in, and the “missing” chest spawns.

I had this fix 3 of the sites I had a problem with, although it doesn’t seem to work at Flourishing Scurfpea.

Problem with that is that I can’t even contribute at a “broken” seed site


The Dreamseed Cache for the Flourishing Scurfpea appeared for me just now (days later) when Sprucecrown walked nearby during the Superbloom. I don’t know why it was put into that phase, since I didn’t plant it in that phase, but I’ll take it.

I planted another after he had moved on but before the Superbloom was finished, and looted it no problems after it was done. So I’m not sure where exactly the bug lies, but at least this is something to try for others who are stuck. Of course, Sprucecrown takes different routes every time, so it’s not exactly an efficient workaround :frowning:

Locked out of 3 seeds because they tell me I have a chest pending when there is nothing anywhere.

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I’m also getting this but in the north spawn, fire lily ones maybe?


Yup, same spot I am having the issue

Was anything said on Blizzard side about the issue?

Blizz has hotfixed: WoW Hotfixes - November 10 - #17 by Linxy

Is it up now because I still didnt get the reward for the antlers and the seedbloom

Still not fixed.

I still have this issue at Lavatouched Lillies (the northern most seed spot). It is the last one I need for an achievement so I would appreciate an actual fix.

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Not fixed for me either, I saw Lavatouched Lillies up and I couldn’t contribute since apparently I had a chest nearby (and have for almost a week now).

Yup, not fixed at north site yet. But it looks like they know how to fix it at least given that the south one’s working now, so hopefully they apply a hotfix on the north side.

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Same here. Lavatouched Lillies (northern most seed) is the one where the cache never spawned for me but I can’t do anything with that plot since it continues to say I have a chest nearby. Been like this since Wednesday.

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Indeed, this is still happening at the lavatouched lily.

Been bugged since day 1 for me, haven’t been able to loot it once

Still an issue (only ever have it happen on purple seeds too of course)

EDIT: Mine was near the Eye of Ysera this time

Same here at 40 25 - north of map (yes lavatouched lily)

I’m more confused by the Blizzard logic being employed here. Shouldnt the choice to open or not open a chest be a player’s? They should not be penalized for ignoring a chest that they may or may not see.

Imagine playing Dragon Warrior on the NES and finally finding the staircase in a cave, and as you go to use it, you get a text box saying “You can’t go down!!~ There’s a chest nearby to open first!” Had such a thing been in that game, I doubt it would of been a widely acclaimed RPG. Just saying.