You guys have Officially made me Lose my Marbles!

(Daeriel) #25

So, you feel entitled to Blizzard favoring you as a Human character, despite the fact they consistently pander to the Humans while they spit on or consistently ignore the other Alliance races? And you’d prefer your faction lead by an inexperienced child, rather than warriors with literally thousands of years experience in battle, tested and verified as capable leaders? And a Mage that sweeps in as a complete Mary Sue to over and over and over again have our story written with her as a deus ex machina mechanic?


But don’t expect everyone else to cater to your little whims.

All the rest of us are perfectly free to voice our opinions here so long as we follow the code of conduct.


Seriously, as a Salty Entitled Toxic Night Elf Fan, I tremble in fear.

(Grandblade) #27

Sir, this is a Wendy’s drive thru.

For real though dude, I’m trying to improve the image of Male Human Paladins by not being a stuck-up RTS fan who thinks he has the right to decide who’s a “true Alliance member,” and you’re single handedly ruining things.

(Zoumz) #28

Your pitiful light cannot reach you here

(Lucifuge) #29

I think you would do well with some relaxation, love. Stop by the Goldshire Inn when you have a moment of free time from your questing, and I will make sure to pamper you with massages, home-cooked meals, a bubble bath, and hot fudge sundaes.


(Grandblade) #30

Here’s a post on the Story Forums where Wallurian logged into his other alts to agree with himself and like his own posts:

Wallurian’s marbles were lost long before any of us got to him.


Pretty sure that monstrosity he calls a helmet gave him CTE.


Oh dear, you’ve finally cracked, Wallurian.

That’s what OD’ing on the light will do to ya, mon.

You be needing da grace of Rezan, pronto.


He went full Male Human Paladin. One should never go full Male Human Paladin.

(Chachi) #34

Here they are, you’re welcome.


Hey, how did you post a gif on the forums?


Sunday’s tomorrow. Tomorrow!

(Bourbonboxer) #37

Wallurian is gone. All that remains is Lionknight.

(Bourbonboxer) #38

Just dont go digging up his MMOC pist history.

(Hadean) #39

We will hunt them down to the ends of Azeroth!..oh look a shiny horse. Must add to my collection.

(Phelios) #40

How can hou tell whos upsubbed?


Oh, another blindly loyal player who has opinions on threads he/she doesn’t even read.


(Starlagosa) #43

Well now it all makes sense!!!

(Grandblade) #44

When will you learn!?

(Zeerionjax) #45

Human male paladin? No, no, no, wrong name, that’s Sunday Shish-kabobs smothered in tangy duck sauce and seasoned with garlic, red pepper and sea salt. Don’t mind the screaming, it stops after a while.

Semper Fi! :us: