You find the person above you

If they were a npc, which zone would they be found in and what is their function in the zone?

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Looks like one of those 7th Legion NPCs that shows up during a BFA assault that you have to help/heal. Not kill, because my toon would never do that to a Draenei/Lightforged IC.

This is actually correct; he is basically one of the Grand Priest NPCs that walks around, and holds that as his title. :D
PvP not so much, since he advises and instructs both factions (even if he does hold a deep hatred for Trolls and Orcs).

Definitely an NPC in the priest order hall. I’d imagine him as a PvP quest giver or something.

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Either as an elite in the Darkshore battlefront or a druid from the class hall.

An orc biker, likely a part of the quest line The Day That Death wing Came.

He picks up hot elf babes in his flying motorcycle and gets in a knife fight with Deathwing.

I swear, by the gleaming farts of Dathrohan, thay no man will pilfer my glorious luncheon basket.

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Definitely patrolling some area of Northrend, he needs a quest item. Maybe his lunch!

He’s from a cut scene that shows all the noble class tradesmen getting mad at Stormwind for not paying them for rebuilding Stormwind. The Defiace inception story!

He’s from a battle, very deep in the zone, prob one of the NPC’s charging in.

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He’d be a scout that Alleria sends the player to go meet. Probably got captured by some cultists torturing him for information. Player breaks him free and then he saves the player’s booty later in the scenario with a rapid fire of void arrows.


A Drust Warlock looking to summon his shambles against me, good thing I brought a torch.

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This guy above would be a Seventh Legion Lieutenant ready to deploy atop the Skybreaker.

I feel like I’d find you wandering the streets of Stormwind.

I feel like I’d find you some where in the ranks of the defiace brotherhood, in west fall, having been a part of both the classic and cata versions of the defiace


Hmmm a bouncer at Booty Bay. A goblin saw you beat up a guy in the bar and said “ your a strong dwarf. Need a job to hone your skills?” And you are now a bouncer that can easily suplex a gnome or goblin if they ever get in a fight together.

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I’d probably find them in Pandaria wandering about, keeping the peace, or meditating. They’re a skilled monk that you probably shouldn’t trifle with.

Kneeling at the Tomb of Uther, paying his respects.

I can imagine they’d be found somewhere in the gloom of Darkshire, collecting reagents in the undergrowth. They would probably offer a daily quest for herbs.


A budding entrepreneur looking to turn her priesthood into a lucrative side-hustle. Walks around Dalaran and has the chance to buff a player as they walk past, upon where she’ll let them know that she generously provided them her services “on the house” … or that they can expect to foot the bill at a later date.

(Not too far off the truth! The Prophet of Profit thanks you for your service, Gnome.)


( You’re welcome! :smirk: )