You /emote the person above


/defrosts Sariä with my campfire-warmed body. You DKs need to chill out, you know! Enjoy the warmth of a living being. Mooooooooooo. … … … Oops, we’re both saucy now. :wink:


/runs out of thread :no_mouth:


/grabs the silly void elf by his little moustache. Surprisingly, it doesn’t rip off. You’re not going anywhere, pretty boy. Muhahahahahahahaha.

(Thorland) #19


/rubs broad chest
/prepares to disengage should this turn out badly


/offers you a bible
/strokes your beard

(Stéampunk) #21


(Imnotabear) #22

You gonna do that in front of Jesus?

(Felsavior) #23


Focus on your training!

(Hankypanky) #24

/tries to touch your eyebrow

/gets burned by fel eyes

/tries again…

(Greatbobbo) #25

There is only 1 emote.



(Margirita) #26

I’m freezing atm sooo
/HUGS…slowly removing the heat from your body and using it to live.


Keeping the body moving to stay warm…



Oh sorry:


(Thorland) #29

/excited a dwarf approached him
/takes bible questionably
/melts upon having beard stroked

/hands stick and a bag of marshmallows
/starts toasting marshmallows

(Margirita) #30

Sorry kind blue poster. But I work at a desk all day I can’t keep moving.
/teeth chatter’s
/Thinks of setting the paperwork on fire.


You best find a way to move :grin: /boop

(Aevelamue) #32

/brandish weapon

(Dæmonjesùs) #33


(Leafblight) #34


(Dæmonjesùs) #36

By not playing it anymore and coming here to kill time in between FFXIV
Edit they removed the post :expressionless: