You can make a brand new char but you can NOT bring your alt to this server

HELLO, this server is high pop, 1 layer, you can make a brand new BRAND NEW ACCOUNT, fill it up with 10 char if u want, but what you CAN’T DO is bring your alt from another server, and join your lvl 60 that is already on this server? HOW CAN THIS BE INTENTIONAL? Would it not reason that if your allowing a seasoned account transfer a alt that is the same amount of people playing on your server, but a brand new account adds 1 ? I think you got this backwards, or maybe I don’t understand that 1+1=2 but 1+0=1

Sounds like a rushed feature with some parts that were overlooked…

We are in the middle of this thing where almost all countries all over the entire world have declared a State of Emergency. Not to downplay the importance of an online video game or anything, but…

I feel like priority was given to alleviating the queue times to reduce stress for people who “just want to play” while they are stuck at home and don’t want to be sitting in queue all day.

this has nothing to do with it, but… I still have to use critical thinking at my job and perform my duty when there, regardless this is the answers you get when you ask for help with this question.

game master Rotonina says to me

I was just going over the ticket you put in here and I definitely understand wanting to get some clarification on why you cannot transfer to Earthfury. After combing through the forums, I found this post that was updated only 6days ago that seems to be the answer: Layers and Character Creation Adjustments on Select Realms
So i go to this thread looking for the answer, NOTHING OF COURSE. OK i Get it you removed layers and restrictions, but why not xfers, IT HAD TO BE OVERLOOKED! CUZ I can litterally xfer to any other realm thats high pop, ether make high pop not xferable or make it xferable, make up your freaking minds guys or fix my issue!!!

So they put me in the loop, that literally is the same thing i have been asking for help with. then on top of all that
He then says!!!
But please do submit feedback to the Classic team through their forums under that post.

SO not only will i not help you but you have to go to the forums and ask for help, which is what I'm doing now.

Oh yeah, for sure. I totally agree with you. This feature was overlooked and rushed.

Hopefully it is corrected sooner rather than later, but I think at least for the time being we can understand that things are in a pretty imperfect state at the moment, and we’re all dealing with it the best we can.

you are right!

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