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127 Pm EST and its working now.

If not getting the exact name you want in a video game upsets you that much, that is a YOU problem. You have two choices. Use a different/modified name, or stick to your original server. It’s not a big deal, and it’s not something you need to “reee” on the forums about.

It’s open now fyi.

Working. Just did the 3 I wanted and got all 3 names, woot

anyone that pooped their drawers can now go scrape a leg

Im waiting for you to apologize to me.

You clearly dont know how to use a simple forum to reply to the proper people and made yourself look like a daft fool.

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He’d better be a pally lol

Get over yourself telling people you not only do NOT know but are not in the presence of what their mood is. Creeps like you will face Karma, and I hear she ain’t nice.

It is working now

Took them long enough…RIP on my druid name o.O

uff… It does me no good now LOL. I had a window of like 10 min. to pull out the lap top here at my office and get this done. It’s frustrating, but I expected it.

So i am not the one that started with the insults and I was making the same argument. Can’t say I have anything to apologize for but I won’t hijack this thread waiting for you to realize your folly.

Hahaha! For someone who claims they aren’t upset, you sure seem upset.

Are you forum camping?

And there you have it. Got all but one of the names I wanted. Tried to get “Pin” for a Gnome rogue. Oh well.

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