You already have the maximum amount of characters on this account

They want people off Herod but every single time they open up a new realm stuff like this happens. Why would we risk losing our names on every server by deleting characters?

This is just fudging BS at this point. No one wants to delete toons and risk losing their Herod name to try to snag it on a new realm and get double boned.

It feels like the name restriction part should have been pushed before realms even came up, but here we are 20 minutes after they’re up and we’re still locked.

Wow… you are clueless. Click the time… it breaks down the time zones for the simpletons that can’t do it themselves.

1pm EST … which is now
10am PST … also now
And 7pm Paris … also now


Good job, man. Blizzard fail big time, but some of us getting a scrap of things. I got Steve on old blanchy after someone beat me to it on Westfall. I have so many names piled up in my head though…

I only woke up to reserve more names. Thanks BliZZZZZ!!!

Coulda still been sleeping and resting up for the upcoming string of debacles later in the day, I see that you got guys got an early start though!!!

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Ok we get it you are daft.


Let me inform you on “mildly annoying”. Some of us waited to get on a new server with a name we could not get or carry over. Server pops, I am IN. I go to the name I want hit create and get the message I can’t create anymore. Now I have to leave the server and delete toons. I return to the server and I get a QUEUE. After 5 mins I get in and all the names I wanted are taken.

Yeah, mildly annoying.

I know. But since times are often given in PDT, and the PDT server opening time is 3pm, it stands to reason they changed the new name access time.

I am not saying I’m accurate, I’m just saying that is how I read that message.

Okay genius … read the very next paragraph… [quote=“Kaivax, post:1, topic:263309”]
Additionally, at Today 1:00 PM , we opened the following new realms in this region:

So … the realms were accidentally released early??

Its working now!

You’re all doing exactly what they wanted you to do from the start. They intentionally didn’t lift the character limit so that ppl would start deleting toons on full servers!

It’s a conspiracy I tells ya…

A conspiracy!!

the PDT server opening time is 11 AM

woot can create!

Did I misread the Blizzard post? I thought they were going to remove the restriction on 3 characters at 1 pm? Did I read something wrong or did they change it?

I have no idea anymore what you are talking about. You clearly meant to NOT reply to my original post that you did, since i am saying Blizz messed up.

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Everybody calm down, it’s working now.

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If that were true, I would already be in the queue. Last release time they gave was 3pm PDT.

Blizzard CS just posted on their Twitter. They’re working on it.

The nerdrage and white people problems in this thread are out of control.


Yeah but I lost a name I wanted which is bull…many folks lost names…

I’ll wait for your apology here …

Just created my toons now that they got around to pulling the restrictions like they said they would…