Yojamba [H] Guild Umbrage GMT +8 Casual Guild 9/10 Updated**

9/10 (On first clear, missing Nightbane due to the quest :roll_eyes: )

Currently recruiting for Kara Raid 2

Raid Times: Wed + Thur 9:30pm SGT (Raid timings are our current estimates but may differ due to the Raider’s Availability casual FTW)

Freshly Rerolled from Arugal / Yojamba (Alliance). We are a group of experienced players (Mix of SG and Aus) who would like to clear all raid content yet maintaining a casual and relaxed raiding environment.

What to Expect:

  • Open Raiding Environment - Collaborative Discussion on Raiding approaches with an open discord.
  • Unique Loot System - Fully Transparent Loot Council and Accountability. No more Loot Drama, Nepotism, Rubbish.
  • Friendly and Helpful - Guild members are present that would do heroics and dungeons. Would definitely love more tanks :heart_eyes: .
  • Fair and Equitable Trash Loot - No more lining of the guild masters pocket / guild bank.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Accountability – We understand everyone has their own commitments which is why what we’d expect as a bare minimum would be punctuality and personal responsibility. If you can’t turn up, please inform us early so we may arrange for replacements. We’d like to make the most out of our raid times as a casual guild.
  • Non Toxic Attitude - If there are issues, please raise them constructively. E.g. If someone is struggling with a mechanic or his low dps, give him pointers don’t call him out without giving any advice.

If you’re sick of people hogging loot, EPGP among other common loot issues, do hit us up if you’re interested in what we hope would be the fairest way to distribute loot (nobody gets left out :rofl: ) .

Discord ID:
away#5188 raerae#8648 pohpoh#9309

Bnet ID:
pohpoh#11243 shiroi#1904