Yo Blizzard, add like 5 extra layers per server for 5 days

Layers don’t affect queues

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We had more layers and more players in Classic vanilla; blizzard is fibbing to a degree.

The reason we want more layers is so that while the server caps are increased; there are more NPC’s to Quest / grind.

The server caps being increased is also required for the Q’s to get better; but it can entirely be a 5 days long thing that we can also know and accept that there will be a bit of server lag, but then everyone gets to play.

So you have no idea what layers do then?


But they do affect Ogres.

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If you payed even a small amount of attention here.

In your OP you say layers are meant to

and now, after being told you have no idea what you’re talking about, you shifted goal posts to this? Which is it? Because it’s not both.

Sorry that I missed a detail but you know what I meant. I did not move the goal posts; its assumed that if you add 5 layers worth of players the caps go up with it. We had like 20 layers or something dumb in Classic vanilla… We don’t now in Classic Wrath, the servers CAN handle the increased layers / server cap.

When talking about layers and keeping it simple so everyone can understand is the best way to talk about things even if its no absolutely mechanically correct. At least normal people will understand… but then someone always has to nit-pick the thing.

Cakes got layers

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Classic realms had layers and a queue. If you got dcd you weren’t getting back on.

2 members of my leveling team got dcd in razor hill and were gone for 9 hours

We also had more than 5X the player base.

I don’t know if that’s true.

Skeram was vastly smaller than faerlina or benediction and we had 10 hour queues for a week

Sec ill see if I can get server data for Vanilla Classic, the number of players for vanilla classic was truly insane.

Yup, missed the blue post entirely it looks like.

I’m not sure if links to other forum posts work or not but this post outlines how you are misinformed about layers, servers, and what Blizzard is able to do.

Far too much information for me to rehash here but the part that begins with " The Mega-Realms in US and EU are full (also; Layers are not the solution)" would be a good place to start.

His data is a bit misleading, he’s comparing Classic to OG, and that’s just disingenuous to a degree; because layers exist. In OG Vanilla / TBC / Wrath / Cata / MoP there were no layers, there was no sharding… Sharding-lite (layers) is a system added in WoD if I remember correctly… maybe late mop?

The point I was making is that a temporary increase in server capacity based on 5 layers of players is a solid path forward to take the edge of the over crowded servers; a situation that BLIZZARD created by the following poor choices that were well warned in advance.

  1. Blizzard advertised the Vanilla Classic servers as going to include CRBG’s, this created massive imbalance because the Zug’s believed fully that CRBG’s would fix it and no longer does server balance matter.
  2. Blizzard then screwed up by not managing servers, and not locking servers to character creation in Vanilla Classic allowing for already overcrowded realms to be over crowded, and simply amping the server cap AND layers at the same time because “more layers / cap increases will fix it” because their thinking was “its just hype”.
  3. Blizzard then messed up even worse in Phase 3 of Vanilla Classic by selling PAID server transfers and allowing for even more overcrowding of the servers and brining back Q’s on some realms.

All of these problems contributed to the situation of most of the original Vanilla Classic servers as DEAD, and only a very small number of TBC realm servers still alive; resulting in many people who returned / new players coming to WoW Classic for Wrath.

Its 100% possible to increase the server cap AND the layers for a time, Blizzard did it before, and they can do it again.

As for the situation they have now where they have too few servers, and too many players, time will tell on how many people remain long term Classic Wrath; Hype goes a long way and its not possible to know what server populations look like in 3 months.

I fully appreciate that Blizzard is finally trying to correct for the Vanilla Classic failures, but right now might not be the best time to correct for that; instead they should have been trying to correct for this during Mid TBC Classic or maybe 3 months from now Wrath Classic.

So do parfaits

I hope Blizzard has posts like these pinned to the wall to remind themselves that no matter what they say the general clueless public will make posts about easy fixes.

Just to give a little chuckle to start the day for the team.

Kind of like fans making comments on what their favorite sports team should have “easily” done.

But ogres are like onions

So yeah it seems you definitely didn’t read the blue post so I’ll help clear some things up with direct quotes from Aggrend, the WoW Classic Game Producer who made the post.

You say “The point I was making is that a temporary increase in server capacity based on 5 layers of players is a solid path forward to take the edge of the over crowded servers”

Aggrend says “We’ll start with the easiest and most clearcut statement to make. The mega-realms in US and EU that are queuing are completely full. This statement is the absolute state of things, and there is no additional capacity we can add to these realms to allow more players on, or to reduce queues.”

You say “Its 100% possible to increase the server cap AND the layers for a time, Blizzard did it before, and they can do it again.”

Aggrend says “One common suggestion we get is to “just add more layers”, and it’s very important to understand that layers do not add in any way to capacity. Layers are a Classic-specific solution to alleviate congestion in the game world in densely populated areas.”

More information can be found at the link below, I highly encourage you to educate yourself.

You’re still dodging the point that we had more players on the Vanilla Classic servers at launch than we do now on Wrath Classic. That’s my point; I understand what Blizzard is doing, but their timing is super bad.

you’re way too tied up with taking Blizzard’s blue posts as facts and then ignoring the part where we have less players on now than we did in 2020.

There are other solutions like making semi permanent layers; breaking the servers up into those semi permanent layers, and using friends lists / guild’s as a way to do it.

Blizzard has options, but they utilize so little of their options right now; leaning on the players to make a choice.

Does the Q harm me? Nope, I use RD to log on, but it sure would be nice if they made a real effort to correct for their mistakes that go back to day 1 of vanilla Classic; problems THEY created, and then made worse in Phase 3.

Blizzard is mostly to blame here; but the players who thought the grass is greener (on other servers) were also to blame, however knowing how players act via seeing how retail is now; you think the could have learned from that, but NOPE.

Also Blizzard using OG Vanilla numbers as a comparison as opposed to comparing to Vanilla Classic was just disingenuous at best.

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