Yo any of my peeps from slow motion, last exile, any vanilla and TBC players?

what’s good man any of the bwr breed left?

Yo wasn’t in Slow Mo or Exile but started in vanilla here . Was in Dragons of Azeroth back then and Band of the Red Hand in TBC. Sup dude! Started leveling this guy the other day and I haven’t seen a single person anywhere I’ve been other than a horde who flew into storm wind trade.

Been around since tbc, i member slo mo, NO, and the hordes joke guild bro lotion

I’ve been on BWR since vanilla. Can’t tell if I recognize the name (long time ago and so many death names) but I remember those guilds for sure. Either way, nice to see ya brother, happy hunting.

Hey! I’m still around, but playing casually these days. I used to raid with Last Exile and knew most of the folks from Slow motion, Phalanx of Perdition, Guardians of Innocence and the like. Was definitely the best of times :slight_smile:
Who’s planning to return for WoW Classic? I may dip my toes a bit

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Yo, Im from vanilla PoP! I was a paladin named Magnos back then. My memory is garbage but I remember Rhomen and Shemyazaz. Still have a video of Rhomen tanking Tarren Mill on my youtube channel. Haha! Would love to see if anyone is still around!

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I’m Kamahll, but transferred off long ago o/

Was on server from early BC to late WotLK for BWR

The server I went to was Shadow council, and I stayed till midway into Cata

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Hey, was in Last Exile, Contingency and Phalanx of Perdition. Been on BWR the whole, although with some breaks inbetween.

I was in Slow Motion!! Ran in that guild from the beginning with Soulja, Bowsta, Diminisher

I began in Vanilla, playing a Night Elf Priest named Eluna. Rerolled a draenei shaman named Rainna for BC in the guild Sigil. We got the server firsts for most of Karazhan. Got tired of Alliance drama and rerolled Horde side with my Blood Elf Warlock Lovina and joined Ascension. Ascension got most of the server firsts after that.

I stopped playing after Lich King, and just started playing again after being gone about 10 years. Hey anyone that mighty remember me.

phones up zeroace to destroy you all.