Yet Another "No Customisation Coming in Shadowlands" Post

Yes I realise that there’s several of these topics, but I feel that what better place than the forums to really discuss this. I’m just not sure I can really keep playing the game anymore after seeing how a large amount of players have been burned. I’ve been playing the game since Burning Crusade and have had a long time investment in the game. I’ve given numerous amounts of feedback however I can regarding the subject I feel I consider myself most knowledgeable on, and I might as well post it my thoughts here on the forums where it’s allegedly the “best place to give feedback” to post. I feel that I might as well link some of the feedback I’ve given before as well as links to my previous forum posts (and an archived google doc) down below. (idk if I can post links yet still or if I have to codeblock them)

I just have to say that - after having learned, reverse engineered, and tested model editing the WoW models in my free time to see how difficult and what the best and most probably course of action towards implementing new options would be - I feel disappointed and let down. It’s partly that I feel that my personal feedback has been ignored, I realise that there are so many more people more important than I and priority just as anyone else that they just can’t get to everybody’s post. But it isn’t just that, it’s the collective feedback of so many other players who have posted on all fronts of blizzard’s feedback areas that have essentially been ignored. It was pretty clear that customisation was to be a Shadowlands feature, not a “launch feature,” that these things were an ongoing process to be delivered throughout the patch. Then in an interview they say they’re “looking for ideas” - people like myself and others have been giving feedback for customisation ideas for a while, but especially during the Shadowlands “alpha” and beta cycles. But then in the Q&A it’s stated that there’s nothing coming for Shadowlands.
It comes across to me as completely tone deaf and ignorant of what the playerbase wanted. Anyway I don’t really have enough energy to rehash what’s already been said before, but I might as well link what I’ve given below.

Part 1:

Part 2: Shadowlands Customisation Feedback

And my compiled post on twitter (because it has actual pictures and stuff):