Yet another melee evoker spec thread

my brothers and sisters, non-binary individuals, let us gather here together and pray that one day blizzard will add a melee spec to evoker


Just make disintegrate a damage over time instead of a channel and devo would feel like a lot like a melee

I wouldn’t mind a melee spec, we probably won’t get one though.

Magic could be black and blue. Because you’d be beating people black and blue


There are plenty of melee specs and we finally got a new class that’s ranged and we still get these posts, even post Aug being added lol.

Negative percent chance of it happening. I’d be pretty surprised if we didn’t get most classes being opened up to Dracthyr post dragonflight, though.

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We’ve had just shy of two decades where every single class added had one or more melee and tank specs, and where zero of them had a ranged DPS spec, and where only one had a single healing spec. Boggles the mind that the first class to offer a real deviation has had so many narcissists whinging about the lack of a melee and/or tank spec. Even for self-centered egotists it’s pretty embarrassing.

Eww no ty that sounds horrible


dont care, a melee spec is the only way i’d be able to play a dracthyr/evoker

Yeah, pretty L take lol. The spec would be mind-numbingly bad if disint were a dot.

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And it’s perfectly fine for the class to not be for you.

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They have no muscles to melee though…

If you mean tank spec i fully support you. I’d love something like the dragon knight from hots.

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Steroids can fix that issue.

Thats a you issue.

Rumor has it all production at Blizzard has ceased while they make melee evokers just for you.

I was clamoring for a tank spec but I’m happy with augmentation. However, I would like to see Dracthyr get access to new classes, and I would very much like to see the hover animation used during speed buffs so we can look like cool swooping dragoons with spears, even if it doesn’t work exactly like the real hover ability.

I think we are more likely to get other classes playable as dragons. As it would be easier from a developer side and most likely a support class for DH is more likely then another envoker class

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We have a 25-30 yard range on most of our abilities as is, that’s too much melee already. :unamused:

When I first heard of a “dragon” race the first thing that came to mind was mauling people with claws, knocking them down with my tail, grabbing them while spewing a laser of flames down their face if my claws didn’t cut thru the armor. Maybe have a dragon dive + stun/knock into wall and proceed to shred their face and stab em with spiky wings. Nope, I got scrawny lizard instead…

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