Yesterday's Change to Sarkareth's Oblivion

As many players have noted, yesterday’s hotfixes included a reduction to Scalecommander Sarkareth’s Oblivion on Mythic difficulty that resulted in a much bigger reduction than we originally intended.

After deliberating this, we’ve decided to stick with the actual value that has now been live in the game since that hotfix.

We apologize for any confusion this caused.

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How bout we take the hotfixed damage and give it to blood DKs


What is the ryhme or reasoning with these nerfs by the way?

Guilds are very much being walled by Rashok and Zskarn (post change) and very obviously would be at a point gearing wise where they would be taking sockets from the vault. Why are you sending tuning parses on Echo (Who had 150 kills prior to changes and had 120 guilds actively on it) and Sark (When there were 150 kills already and HoF was going to close this week regardless?)

The Zskarn dev mentioned they his eyes were “glued to the screen” to make sure the boss wasn’t significantly harder than it was pre buff.
“I will be glued to streams all day tomorrow to keep an eye on how the changes are impacting things, the goal is not to make the fight drastically more difficult, just to address a strategy that is not fun for anyone involved, which I’m sorry for” and there have been copious amounts of suggestions how to make the boss more fair (removing the random traps) yet there have been no changes or update in over a month.

If guilds that are progging on Rashok and getting walled by it currently do finally limp over the line they’re met with Zskarn right away. I’m just scratching my head over the timing of these changes.

Could you give a bit of insight? We’re not the ones who make a Hall of Fame website or a achievement that pops up to the server when a guild gets it, you’re the ones who make it a big deal but then you go ahead and make huge nerfs (These changes are 60% of the raids damage in p3 when P2 already has less healing that heroic Erranog) when it’s still open? Why couldn’t this have waited until end of the week?


That’s appreciated. Can y’all (not you specifically, Kaivax; you’re just the messenger) deliberate some Mythic Zskarn nerfs?

Boy wouldnt it be nice if you guys would revert nerfs to classes with the same fervor.


for anyone keeping track

thats 2 out of 3 HOF that have been ruined by bugs

jailer extended a week extra cuz it closed over july 4th in sofo so u had 50 extra alliance guilds getting their first ever hof

sark hof having over 40 guilds get a kill in 2 days after the over nerf, it will probably close with what 250-270 guilds in it by reset

but yea, zskarn is gatekeeping 600 guilds with no sign of any changes


So any plans for the crap storm of a boss that is zskarn?


I think Blizzard understands nobody really cares about HoF.

It was a trick to try and convince guilds to go alliance in BFA that backfired.

RWF is a spectacle. Once it’s over nobody cares who finishes in the top 200.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they removed it.

If they didn’t care they would’ve scrapped it when cross faction guilds happened.


It’s kind of a genie out of the bottle now and it’s easy to make a website/title vs the complaints of them removing something.

Wouldn’t want to make a fight too much harder when an easier path was unintentionally put in. Looking at you Zskarn.

They could have just left it 100 guilds and made it both factions.

There is absolutely zero consistency with how they have rolled out nerfs this tier especially with the blazing hot issue of guilds getting absolutely decimated by Rashok and Zskarn.


Rashok? Zskarn? lol


So I guess Zskarn is now the hardest boss in the raid.

Hope there’s some nerfs there soon, and maaaaybe a slight hp nerf to Rashok (which honestly doesn’t need much more, fight is almost perfectly tuned imo as someone currently progressing on it).


So, simultaneously, no one really cares about it but there would be enough complaints to not remove it :thinking:

assassination rogues still waiting for the rediscussion or fix on that bleed damage cd you changed from like 15 seconds to 3 minutes that now no one specs into. im not going to say the name of it, go check the drawers in the office, you might find it.

Can you please nerf eranogs ring now? Its OP and a S1 item.