Yeah these changes wont work

Okay to start with i despise AFKV … now that has been posted please read the following.

So here is what will happen. Rankers will use a second account to force a fresh game to pop (which will be at the bottom) and then queue that with their eight five man groups. lol. Well done blizzard you really are useless.
Nice little PR spin they have as well calling these changes “Adjustments” I think their “Adjustments” are going to make queue times even longer for Horde. See the following quote.

The only way to fix this problem is to fix the pervasive faction imbalance that allows Alliance prems to force a fresh pop at whim.

That’s a lot of 2nd accounts you’re assuming exist, but dont


Confirmed never ranked on Alliance.

Your little bubble is not the norm.


How do you propose they fix a player-caused faction imbalance issue?

The only way I personally see is if they implement faction locks and provide incentives for transfers. However, faction locks prevent players from creating alts or new toons to play with friends, and incentives would never, ever happen. And honestly, shouldn’t.

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No idea actually. I think it is more of a marketing problem than anything as i find Alliance to be OP in some regards.

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Player-casued faction imbalance? You mean Blizzard-caused, the #1 reason there’s a faction imbalance is due to Blizzard not making it public what the faction balance was on servers before people rolled on them. Nobody inherantly wants an imbalanced server, they just went into it blind.

Yes, player-caused.

No one forced a gun to anyone’s head and said “pick horde” or “pick alliance.” No one forced anyone to continue picking them. Horde have better PvP racials, so they dominate PvP servers, except for one. Coincidence? I think not. You are just one of the ones who want to blame Blizzard for everything. Sure, they have their problems, but this is not Blizzard-caused. What MMO, do tell, released that information before launch?

When name reservation began, the factions were at 1:1 because there were 0 people playing. Players chose factions, players chose to continue to make it worse - this is solely because of player choice.

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More like, the vast majority of premades alliance side don’t even need to manually join a specific targeted bg, vs just get everyone queuing at the same exact time.

This does absolutely nothing to inhibit or prevent that, all it does is stop the leftovers that didn’t get in that game from manually joining it after.

The changes also do nothing to stop or slow down this garbage “zerg the boss immediately” meta, where the warmasters get completely ignored.

Fixing the problems in AV would have required forced randomization for alliance people queuing at the same time among multiple games, making warmasters /marshals all buff Drek/ Vann and then forcing them ALL to leash at the same time if ever pulled out of the room (and respawn and dead ones if all living one’s are not killed in one attempt). FORCE people to actually give a damn about towers before mindlessly tunneling the boss and AV will dramatically slow down to where it belongs.

Nah its gonna be great. Horde are gonna queued onto AV then game will fail to start due to players.


And scrub mades will just over queue to pop a fresh.

Well, no. Not really.

If it were implemented, the faction lock would only prevent new players from creating characters on that server.
Players already on that server could create new characters, as the total number of players online isn’t affected by how many alts you have, as you can only play one character at any given time.

I use to believe this but more and more I realize alot of people DO have multiple accounts. Many people who had made millions in retail or liquidated alot of their retail assets pay for their accounts via game tokens.

Yea well streamers said Horde racial are OP iwin buttons and the real Vanilla experience is on pvp servers. Hmmm. Now theres a lot of Horde and a whole bunch of folks who didn’t belong on pvp servers in the first place. I wonder if there’s a connection?

I find it hilarious when I see these premade elitists try to convince how this will not affect them because they can either quit AV all together or have some “system” that is fool proof. The OP already said they don’t care because they hit Rank 10 and will never be stepping inside a AV again. I mean which is it? You rankers going to quit AV or is it business as usual because you can;t have it both ways. If you guys try to keep gaming the system, Blizz makes further changes and/or the ban hammer starts to fall.