Y'all need to get over yourselves. Bring on the level squish!

I’m so sick of seeing people complain about a leveling squish because it would be “taking away” levels you’ve earned. 100-120 is a meaningless grind, you don’t achieve any sense of character progression aside from the number beside your character frame going up. It’s monotonous and meaningless to continue building that number up every expansion. What? you really think we’re going to get new players interested by selling the idea of “just get to level 200 and you can enjoy the end game content!” No one is going to be drawn to the idea of grinding out 200 levels. One of the reasons people reflect on the old vanilla talent system so warmly isn’t because it was good, it was terrible actually. Shamans had talents to make them come off as some sort of screwed up flipper baby off tank. The reason that most reflect so warmly on it is because every single level you had a choice to make, where you gonna put that next talent point? Every level now you don’t make a choice at all. You barely make a choice every ten levels because there are several talents that are just a no brainier you wouldn’t even consider taking the other two most of the time. 1-60 would just scale to the same margin of time it takes to get 1-120 only you wouldn’t mindlessly be grinding levels out just because. This would be less daunting to new players and less of a hassle for alts. I run several alts every expansion. I always have. Bfa is the first expansion that I’ve given up on all but maybe two of my alts because it’s just simply annoying to have to grind out yet another 10 levels each toon just for the sake of getting to play end game content on them, no new skills, no new talents, nothing but gear grinding and other enjoyable task. The only thing that I’m wary of if blizz does decide to squish levels is the amount of bugs that would surely show themselves. But just like stat squishes it’s a dodgy mess at first but blizzard will inevitably address the issues and fix them. At what point is the level cap going to be too high for new players to even consider picking this game up. Another thing is the reason we have so many content droughts is because it doesn’t take people more than 3 days of hard grinding to hit level cap. Big raids are downed in no time by top guilds and pugs can take on heroic within a week. Leveling should be harder. It should take the community as a whole longer to get to the level cap and raiding content because it would be much more rewarding when you finally do reach the cap and down that pesky raid. This is just my humble opinion and I’ll surely be burned at the stake for suggesting even basic leveling shouldn’t appeal to the casual playerbase. Also remove lfr because it’s just redundant and not engaging at all.

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