Yajamba leveling

Hi everybody!

I’ve just started my new char here and found out that there is no players to play with on low levels. I tried to find a party to dead mines for an hour in the evening time and got nothing in response. Is almost everybody got 60 and nobody doing the twinks?
My main char on EU server and there are always a lot of players in different lvls despite the population is medium.
I moved to NZ recently and couldn’t play on the EU because of high ping. Started to play on America, but there are not too many new players even it says that population is high TT


My son and I are levelling some alts at present, rather slowly just having fun. You’re welcome to play with us.

I know this is months later but hey, might as well try.

I’m actually in almost the exact same situation as you, having come from Europe to oceanic time zone servers because of the ping and time difference, and I am also struggling to find people to level with.

If you’re still searching, I’d love to party up and level as intended rather than boost all the way to 60 ^^

Now its almost the end of November. I too am leveling a few toons and would love to find a guild that focuses on leveling and not people who just want to be boosted through dungeons. I am on the horde side though and tend to play very late server time after I finish work in Western Australia