XT Pulls on Accident every week now

Every week we run into Ulduar and we start clearing the trash for XT and he pulls from 100 yards away to a couple different spells so far.

This week DND pulled him while he was across the room, I also clipped it just to make sure someone wasnt actually pulling him.

Seems like his radius to get hit by certain AOE abilities is messed up or something.

After we reset him by running out of the room he just gets stuck spamming “NEW TOYS FOR ME” 30 times before actually resetting lol.

Anyways just curious if other people are seeing this random bug.


This could be why I think my hunter pet pulls him. Maybe my explosion trap or Volley I do on the trash is triggering him and my pet, on Defensive, runs at him.

This has happened to us multiple times, Hurricane or Volley pulled the boss from extremely far away. And it happened once on Freya too but with trash on the other side of the room.