XT-002 Deconstructor Tuning Coming Later Today -- January 31

you think a week of gear is 25% dps lol

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its extremely nerfed now, into the ground, did it in 10 man with the same group as last week, went from a 6:00 kill to a 4:04 kill, nothing does any damage either

Full gear in perfect execution standstill DPS Sims (which XT is not) over a 6 min fight is not a 30% gain.

Under his old tuning he was borderline impossible in this phase.

Under the new tuning, he makes sense for a 2nd hard mode encounter.

Well, my guild killed it now. LOL

This has zero relevance and I don’t understand why people keep trying to perpetuate it. There have always been harder encounters at the start of raids than some later in raids.

The adjustments to 10-player and 25-player Hard Modes went live to all realms about 4 hours ago.

  • 10 Player Hardmode
    • Total Damage required to defeat XT-002 reduced by 20% during the Heartbreak Phase.
    • Heartbreak Health % Buff is now 40% (was 90%).
    • Heartbreak Buff Health: is now 8,400,000 (was 11,400,000).
    • Life Spark Health is now 100,800.
  • 25 Player Hardmode
    • Heartbreak Health % Buff is now 40% (was 90%).
    • Base Health is now 18,000,000 (was 25,000,000).
    • Heart Health is now 4,410,000 (was 6,125,000).
    • Heartbreak Buff Health is now 25,200,000 (was 47,500,000).
    • Life Spark Health is now 302,400 (was 352,800).
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All of which is fine, though perhaps too much… However, maybe next time instead of “Later today” you post this follow up when you do it, and not 4 hours later?


Diff teams.

The CM team posts the blue posts and updates as there approved.

The dev team dose changes to the game and pushes them out.

Them telling us what is going to happen and not delaying the change to get the exact notes approved first make sense. As otherwise the patch notes would just come at same time just the change would come later which is worse as those that raid earlier in the day get “screwed”.

Complaining about the telling us something was happening before they do it, doing it than giving us the exact notes later, which they did give us the notes later in the day exactly like they said is rather pointless. In fact is a prime example of why blizzard dosen’t comment much as you complain either way.

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Still no RoV. Still no hunter pet damage immunity bug fix in Ruins of Lordaeron. Still no hotfix for invincible warlocks. Still no hotfix for fear immunity in arena.

Day 247.

Why would you nerf the 10m and normal versions lol


Why dose it matter if they did or not. People killed it either way. Unless you think there was people not killing it on those diffs.

This is so easy now

It doesn’t matter one bit if they’re different teams. What are you even talking about? You’re saying the community managers weren’t told when the hot fix was taking place? Then, after it happened, weren’t told until 4 hours later after dozens or hundreds of raids had already experienced it? You realize how that’s nonsense, right?

The only thing that actually needed a nerf was the health of XT 25m hard mode…

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Never once said that go and read.

Said they have to approve the comment.

The devs don’t go and jsut post stuff on the fourms. The cms do.

Them being different teams is quite massive. The cms can’t post that info till they’re told to and the devs won’t post it till the cms approve it. This is how large organizations work.

What is needed or not thou is rarly what matters. They undid the overtuning they did to make it a pre nerf version. As such the nerf hits both versions as they buffed both.

They need to approve telling us that they did the thing they said they were doing? I feel like you don’t fully grasp the situation.

I quite grasp the situation. Obv to a much higher level than you do. As you can’t even understand how much delays happen when different departments do stuff. Another department telling you do x dosent mean you do it instantly. In fact it often means let’s leave that till last.

You clearly don’t. I didn’t say they had to give us an exact time of doing something. I’m saying they should be telling us that they did the thing they said they were doing when it’s done. Not four hours later.

Point remains you are only proving the exact reason blizzard dosent say much. When they do give info and in a timely manner exactly when they said we would get it you complain still.

4 hours later falls exactly within the timeline they gave. Them telling us what they did 4 hours later is quite fine. It’s vastly better than stealth changes. While it’s vastly better than them waiting to do the change till the notes are approved that would be the other option.

You are complaining about them doing well and communicating.