XP bank for Trial Version

Good afternoon.

I want to suggest to change XP Bank system for Trial (New) players.

in current moment, you can receive all XP from the XP bank when you buy game time/subscribe. After this, level of character will be changed for example from level 20 until to level 28-30.

But, what if player don’t want update level of him character? Especially if it level 20 twink.

if you want receive a TOP gear and etc things for the twink character, for this need time. But when this system ruins all, it’s not very cool.

I play and on actual level and on low level characters, and I understand people, who have twinks, because I too have level 20 twink and not only. So that, when you can lost such character, this is not cool, especially when support very often did not want a help you with such problem, like a LOT OF XP from the XP BANK.

I suggest update this system and add option “Use or don’t use XP from XP Bank for level up”, when you first time buy game time or subscribe.

Must be a choice, use or don’t use this option and when you choose “no, don’t want”, saved XP from XP bank must be delete or reset.

It’s must help people with accidental level up, if they don’t want receive XP for twink or other character.


Does the experience eliminator in Stormwind or Orgrimmar work for trial characters? If yes then it would be an easy solution.