Xfers are not the solution

Nothing in there indicates that’s a direction they will take. We will get linked realms or even CRZ before we get server mergers.

In fact, they’ve already set things up for linked realms. They did so during the TBC prepatch.

Now you’re changing what you said. You clearly said that they would not do servers merges. CRZ is a form of a server merge.

And, I never stated that was the direction they would go in, I just said that they didn’t know what direction they wanted to take, but they weren’t ruling out server merges, as you clearly stated they would never.

I most certainly am not changing what I said. If servers merge, they become one. Then we have to sort out name issues and what not.

Linking realms is different, and the infrastructure is already there.

No its cool my dude, thanks for agreeing that they might do server merges! Glad we’re on the same page :grin:

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I see exactly how you interpreted the blue post.

Ignore anything you don’t like and put your spin on it. Nice.

If we ignore all the distinct technological elements that make them different, then sure, I guess they’re the same?

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As a player, we don’t actually have to deal with any of the technological differences. This game is about the war between the alliance and the horde, and the foes that the two factions encounter. Not about programming. If it does the same thing, but with different background technological differences, does it really matter what the term you use is?

I mean, that’s exactly what you’re doing. You’re straight REFUSING to believe that a server merge is possible, even when the blue post states they haven’t ruled it out, while at the same time you’re stating that they have technology in place to do just that.

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Except we do. There’s a reason Blizzard has largely resorted to CRZ and NOT server mergers of the years. That difference in programming affects EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.

You’re ignoring basic definitions. These things are important, regardless of your opinion on them.

A spade is a spade.

“For instance, you may not want to call a spade a spade. You may prefer to call it a spatulous device for abrading the surface of the soil. Better, however, to stick to the old familiar, simple name that your grandfather called it.”

That’s about as reductive as you can get.

You’re ignoring basic concepts to push your own thoughts and opinions. It’s merging a server, regardless of how it is done. Are you able to play with people? Fight people of the other faction even if the server you’re on is 95% horde? CRZ is a form of server merging, regardless of how you try and reword it.

Nah. We have science in our side. You can try to interpret this however you want, though.

Gonna assume you’re just trolling at this point.

Interesting… I was assuming the same about you.


You just said you have science on your side…? You haven’t done anything besides just say I’m wrong, while at the same time stating that they have the technology in place to do the very thing you said they weren’t going to do. Then you hit me with the “I know you are but what am I”. What. You’re very silly.

You said you didn’t care about any of that.

“A spade is a spade.”

They worded it “connected realms” instead of saying “merge”. CRZ is actually something else but connected realms are very real. There was a big blue post on it when that started “No one will lose their names”. It’s the only reason that my Vanilla realm population now shows “high”, because it’s connected with like 8 other realms. The AH is connected and guilds and all of that. They are merged.

How there’s any confusion with connected realms that have been here for years (and by the way I’m not talking about confusion from you Appara, you called these realms being merged like they are) from anyone who actually plays Retail is a mystery.

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someday when daddy microsoft is in charge and bobby is on his prison yatch we will see servers addressed. the year will be 2030.

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