Xfers are not the solution

They said they weren’t gonna do this.

Leave it alone, already.

Free xfers on the horizon

nope becuase the squeaky wheel that keeps on bishin will eventually get oiled.

They didn’t say they weren’t going to do it. They said that they didn’t know what solution to go with yet and wanted more player feedback. As it stands, server merges would make the most sense. They don’t want people to lose their identity from it though.

They actually said they wouldn’t… But okay.

Gonna assume you didn’t read the blue post where they even stated it was a good idea, but one that gives them pause because they don’t exactly know how it would work, and that they don’t want players to lose their identity?

come 2 deviate delight please

That’s the post. They didn’t say it eas a good idea. They said that it seemed like one on the surface, and then proceeded with a bulleted list of why it wasn’t.

this isn;t directed at you but you mentioned it, so to the blizz employee that gets to read this discussion.

Ah yes. names like (the following names are legit as im reading them from characters Im lookin at right now on my server) Poxipoo, Trashtalk,evrytimeidie,bigchainz,kg,wrinkleflap,warriorpump,deathmonk,srblazealot,peandpu,pleasestop,livetoroll,mebadsorry

while some are funny… they really for the most part… are just memes
there are many others like me (tho this toon was meant to troll in arena so yes meme named myself here) who do take time to make up unique weird names…

I feel like that is just an excuse for them to waste time and run around the issue. they have done merges before its nothing new to them.

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You can just say you didn’t read the post. “There are a few things that have given us pause about this in the past, however.” In the past is the key phrase here, meaning they these are why they haven’t done it before. And then gave a list of possible scenarios that could result if they do do it, while knowing on the other side it could balance the servers.

“and part of the reason for the dilemma we face right now when thinking of ways to address this issue in a way that fits within the WoW Classic design space.”

They don’t know what they want to do about it. They’re not ruling out anything though. As you seem to think.

That’s a fun combination of wishful thinking and selective reading. Nicely done!

Are you talking to yourself…? Because those are literal quotes from the post that disprove what you’re saying…?

" Our concern is that the more we try to directly intervene, the more likely we may be to destroy the communities or individual play experiences that players have created organically. Does this mean we won’t ever connect realms in WoW Classic? No, and that is an active discussion we’ve been having for quite some time."

Which part confuses you? It literally even says that they’re not ruling it out in the post.

It’s my perception that they have linked the classic era servers but only after TBCC came out. I suspect they won’t wait till WotLK classic to link the TBCC servers since it appears that TBCC hasn’t been as healthy in populations for as long as classic era was. Since they’ve implemented this solution for low pop servers, I expect they will continue along these lines for TBCC. It’s just a matter of when.

Nothing in there indicates that’s a direction they will take. We will get linked realms or even CRZ before we get server mergers.

In fact, they’ve already set things up for linked realms. They did so during the TBC prepatch.

Now you’re changing what you said. You clearly said that they would not do servers merges. CRZ is a form of a server merge.

And, I never stated that was the direction they would go in, I just said that they didn’t know what direction they wanted to take, but they weren’t ruling out server merges, as you clearly stated they would never.

I most certainly am not changing what I said. If servers merge, they become one. Then we have to sort out name issues and what not.

Linking realms is different, and the infrastructure is already there.

No its cool my dude, thanks for agreeing that they might do server merges! Glad we’re on the same page :grin:

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I see exactly how you interpreted the blue post.

Ignore anything you don’t like and put your spin on it. Nice.

If we ignore all the distinct technological elements that make them different, then sure, I guess they’re the same?

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As a player, we don’t actually have to deal with any of the technological differences. This game is about the war between the alliance and the horde, and the foes that the two factions encounter. Not about programming. If it does the same thing, but with different background technological differences, does it really matter what the term you use is?

I mean, that’s exactly what you’re doing. You’re straight REFUSING to believe that a server merge is possible, even when the blue post states they haven’t ruled it out, while at the same time you’re stating that they have technology in place to do just that.

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