Xbox Series X

With the decline of interest to play wow anyone else looking forward to the new Xbox Series X coming out this fall (so they say) ?

I still have an Xbox One (1st edition) didn’t bother with Xboxone X or S especially with series X just around the corner. Just wondering if anyone else is looking forward to it.

No, because I have a PC and there are no exclusives for XB IIRC.

If I get any console, I’ll be getting a PS5.

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Fair enough, I still have a good PC to play on but when they get boring I like to fall back to console , I guess its a me thing.

Same games will be available to Xbox on windows. I have Xbox one controllers that I use when playing those games.

The xbox one controllers are actually pretty nice, imo.

I’m looking forward to the new consoles hopefully bringing out some new fun games. As long as the game is fun to play it matters little if it’s on the PC, xbox, playstation, etch a sketch

I have an xbox one x. never gets used since the games are all available on pc.

maybe that was a mistake on their part.

in fact this is how I got the controllers on my PC, lol. Just stole em from the unused console.

No real interest in Xbox at all since my old 6700K/5700XT tower got reassigned to living room gaming PC duty. Hook up an Xbox controller and it’s a good-enough Xbox analogue.

I will almost certainly be getting a PS5 to replace my PS4, though. Sony has a few exclusives, and full PS4 backwards compatibility means the number of consoles on my shelf doesn’t increase. Just swap old playstation out for new playstation.

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I may have to re-evaluate my interest between xbox vs PS5.

Don’t really have an interest in consoles really, especially since they don’t have the same benefits as a PC does. And i don’t mean higher framerates, modding and mouse and keyboard, but the ability to swap hardware parts out to get a better performance, use any sort of peripheral you want, and edit any file or option as you please, while making the platform open source which will allow even more games then the Xbox, PS and Nintendo console’s libraries, as well near limitless backwards compatibility and can even enhance it better then the consoles does.

Xbox especially speaking, doesn’t really have any exclusive games since their all on the PC, unlike Sony and Nintendo. Though lets be fair here, Sony has mostly third person stealth shooter games that is mostly cinematic for exclusives, though Insomiac’s Spiderman’s gameplay and the option to disable QTEs look dope as hell. Here’s to hoping it comes to PC. :slight_smile:

But if theirs anything that Horizon Zero Dawn coming to PC taught me, this might be the case for Sony and even Nintendo at some point where they will put their exclusives on PC.

Which in all honestly in my opinion, Sony and Nintendo should just become services like Steam and GoG and offer their own host of games on a PC, along with it’s own lineup of controllers and such at this point. I think it would be a win for people who play on PC and people who play on consoles cause they can plug their PC up to a TV and hook a controller up to it and play just like a console would but better. Especially for those who bought a console at the start of this generation and proceeded to buy an upgraded version like the Scorpio or Ps4 Pro.

I would say Microsoft should too, but they already do with their Windows 10 store.

Most of my local friends game on Xbox instead of PC, and I could use a BluRay player and more 4k content in general for my TV, so I’m going to get the new Xbox myself.

Only games I actually care for on console generally are JRPGs