Xbox beats PS5

I bought both, Xbox is millleesssss ahead of this garbage ps5. Selling ps5 on ebay. What a joke.

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I don’t get this gamer philosophy that one console being in theory better automatically means that the other one is garbage. The Genesis wasn’t garbage because the Super Nintendo utterly dominated it… (The 32X on the other hand…)

Also, the original Xbox 360 was objectively a piece of garbage that would inevitably fail on you in time… and yet it still was the console to get during its generation.

The joke

Your head

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Troll thread or not, those console fanboy wars happen every generation and they’re just as pointless as they are childish.

Nice one-liner meme post though.

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There’s good reasons to get anything.

For me:
PC because it’s so versatile and customizable.
PS5 because it will likely have better exclusives
XBox Series X because it doesn’t look like… The PS5 lol


Once again. PC beats both PS5 and Xbox!

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bro right now over on reddit’s r/games it’s been shown that the ps5 is LIGHTYEARS ahead of the xbox. add in micro$oft yet again has no exclusives. they have a halo game thats most likely going to be a blunder. they wont be able to do exclusives with badthesta even if they do buy them and i get the feeling the fcc is going to say no to that after they see how much damage it will do.

ps5/pc master race son

lol this thread only gets better.

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Jokes aside, to me the winning combo is PS5 paired with a decent PC. Between the two, something like 98% of game availability is covered, since Microsoft has been trying to blur the line between Windows and Xbox, meaning that most of the stuff on Xbox will also be available for Windows.

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Yeah but then you have to look at the PS5.

I’ll wait for the slim/relrelease version and for it to look less stupid before I get it.

Yep. Xbox has ONE thing going for it - it looks great. I really, really like the way both this and also the Xbox One S looked.

It’s sleek and classy. Props to the design team.

I know it’s a super niche thing but what makes me tilt towards the Xbox camp right now is dev kit mode. Sony’s first-party exclusives don’t look like my kinds of games at all and the kids have much more games for them on Switch and iPad than on next-gens.

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…Ehhh… i don’t know, i mean buying a $400 - $500 machine just to play at best 10 games don’t sound like a great idea personally. To each’s own really. I just never liked the concept of exclusives, it’s one of the things that almost drove me to get an Xbox one just to play RDR2 and Spyro, but i just skipped it because i know their gonna be on PC anyways. :man_shrugging:

Yes, Spiderman is cool, but not spend $500 + $60 cool.

Also, Sony and Rockstar games? What’s the matter with you? You still have GTA SA running at 30 fps on the PS5. Why? The PS5 can handle GTA SA going at 60 fps. My PC can handle GTA SA at 60fps capped. Why you still insist of making it 30, current year argument? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: