Xal'atath - Agent of Death?

Xal’atath has always intrigued me, partly because she is still so mysterious. There is quite the weird thing going on between some deal she made with N’zoth, and Azshara somehow being knowledgeable of it all to use the dagger to attempt to kill N’zoth after moving on with an eye toward the “true throne of power.”

Now that we have seen the Enemy Infiltration text from Shadowlands, they talk about the void lords all but welcoming them with open arms, ignoring the lies being sown. Do you think Xal’atath was the infiltrator on the void side and is working with whatever coalition the Jailer is a part of?

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Xal’atath could be a Remornia-type Sword yes and yet:

  • N’Zoth whispers: She is not the last, but the first. Drown her and you will see.

Imagine if Remornia claims that Xal’atath is her youngest sister only to drown Remornia in Anima from either Revendreth or the Maw(both are associated with drowning in Darkness) and find out that Xal’atath is one of the First Ones and thus older than Remornia!


Hmm Xal’atath has a lot of story potential with what was reveal in BfA… but I don’t know why I can’t shake the feeling that Xal’atath is not only going to be important and tie in with this “new lore of infiltrators” but also she will be crucial to the upcoming story for Blood and Void elves at some point in the future. :thinking:

But that just a BIG guess/speculation on my part… :wink:

Interesting point about Remornia, although I don’t know enough about the sword yet. Sounds like semantics, but do we know if the sword itself is sentient, or if it is a sentient being trapped inside it like Xal’atath was?

Either way, I’m holding onto my theory about Xal’atath. The more I think about it, and how long she was around, it makes sense in my head currently. With how the void operates, Xal’atath has been probably feeding them thousands of “truths” to keep the void churning for a long time. Kept them busy and off guard.

Anything that gets Claudia Christian more voiceover work is A-OK in my book.

Never played a priest much in Legion, but after running around gathering artifacts for her in BfA, I now fully understand the Knaifu designation :wink:

She is an old one. an old god. Xalatath is the Black Empire and the Black Empire is Xalatath. she consumes the void and the corruptive influence of the old ones. faceless ones as well. etc.

You’ll see her in due time, saviour of the Shadowlands…