"X isn't how I remember it in vanilla"

Well no crap, you’re relying on 15 year memories and best-effort recreations on private realms.

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It’s also in the 1.12 state, rather than any time during the bulk of the game where people remember it most.


Different game engine is different. Who cares, would be nice but its just not absolutely the same. If it were exactly the same and they nailed it on the first try and I assure you they did not and are still working out the details because they did not get it right. then we would not have the following.

Oh, and this is not all, I just grabbed the low hanging fruit.


Bla blablaaahhh.

my 15 year memories is very solid i remember this game very fondly…just saying

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so how do we make it like we remember it?

Don’t forget the “We are #nochanges, so #nochanges, but your vanilla days will never be the same because we premading like you’ve never seen…” mantra. >.>

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Most of the problems you’re experiencing are because of changes, actually.

For example…

… this is because the population caps were raised, against the wishes of those who wanted no changes.


You can’t. You’d have to lose all memory of WoW.

there’s plenty of Remakes and Reforge games out there. maybe what we needed was a remake ?

#nochanges died in August. It was great to witness

Go back in time.

This is basically nonsence.

I’m old enough to know that while nostalgia and memory drift DO exist, 15 years is really not that long.

It’s a lot different than, say, memories from early childhood, etc.

Your memories from even one month ago are incredibly inaccurate.

Perhaps YOURS are.

I know the life I’ve lived :stuck_out_tongue:

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Do you remember the exact time you ate at that fast food restaurant 2 years ago?

I have accurate memories of my own life stretching back to when I was 2 years old.

Do not project your own limitations onto the rest of the species.

Thats not answering the question, people think they remember the numbers from 15 years ago like its a for sure definite.

Ill make it easier on ya, the last time you peed yesterday, what was the exact time :rofl:

I drink 2 gallons of water, so I peed 5 times yesterday.

Fitness, yo.

I understand what you guys are getting at, but memory is not SO unreliable as the information you’re parroting would have it seem.

At least not for the above-stupid level of human cognizance.