X-45 Heartbreaker Mount Drop Rate Increase

It’s fun for me. I collect mounts and mogs. Sorry, but not everyone shares your opinion I guess?

But not any longer for this mount, hence I’m stopping.


Hey! Make it lower. People can be a snowflake. Only 1 of everything ever exists! So there is absolutely no reason to do anything. Doesnt that sound like a fun time for a video game!


Well…you’re providing good feedback… there’s a limit on which a rare item became just a meaningless experience to the player, then it should be improved.

Sounds like it’s in need of a change by your own experience…


Nah. I think there should be things in this game that not every will get to have. I think having rare, or exclusive, items in WoW adds texture to the world. I like that we all have different stuff.

Hey Kaivax, nice Racoon, Besides the Council, We continue to provide feedback regarding holidays on the PTR and GD.

Could you guys improve reward overall and gameplay?

New dailies are fine but Can Devs add some more interesting gameplay?

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Yeah, those are skill base rewards not RNG ones.


No. I also like RNG ones. I think they are healthy for the game

Not shocked, seeing you in challenge gear set saying that. But that wasn’t my point (I don’t even disagree with you there). My point was you admitting it wasn’t “enjoyable”.

So you’re not enjoying it, yet you think it doesn’t need to be changed in a game that’s main objective is to be enjoyable?!

Yet it was nothing more than a


You didn’t even get a dopamine hit. I’m the same way. When I get rare mounts these days it isn’t “YAY!” like it used to be. It’s “good, that’s over”.

Why not put in a deterministic reward? Like 500 Lich King kills or 1000 Love Rocket attempts it just drops. Still not everyone will have it, but you won’t have the element of putting in effort and having nothing to show for it after a decade like many.


At least he’s boosting threads regarding this drop. :laughing:


I never said whether I was enjoying it or not. Frankly I’m indifferent to it. I farm it while it’s up, and when it’s not I don’t think about it. If I get the mount it’ll be a nice little +1 and it will entirely remove the need for me to ever participate in this holiday event ever again.

This is just the heroic coloring of the current raid’s tier. Although I do have the Mage tower set I like to don from time to time.



Okay, fair. I guess I should clarify. I’m never miserable when I do mount farms. I’m mostly indifferent the whole time. I’m just chasing a +1.

FInally! Got TWO Heartbreakers.

I have two WoW accounts. Last week on my first try of the day I got the Hearbreaker. This morning, on my first try of the day, I got the Heartbreaker for my second account.

Both times I queued as a Tank. 1st on my war and 2nd on my Pally.
I opened my first heart-shaped box containing the X45 at 9:32 AM EST.
I opened my second heart-shaped box containing the X45 at 10:32AM EST.
I opened each heart-shaped box AFTER leaving the instance.
I Only did the event 5 or 6 times, once per day, on each account. ~10-12 first-day tries.
I did not try multiple attempts on my other toons, once per day only.

Probably doesn’t mean anything. Good luck to everyone!

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2?!? There goes your rng for the life of the game.

so the mount is the only reason you participate?

…and you do the boss more than once per account when it’s available?

doesn’t sound that way :stuck_out_tongue:

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Could you elaborate further on that? I don’t get why this should be healthy or how other reward structures would be unhealthy compared to the situation we have now.

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I think, just as in life, that it’s okay that not every gets to have everything they want. I think life is enriched by the existence of scarcity in non-essential things.


oh well, another year with a big fat nothing for me.

huge shocker. :melting_face:


It doesn’t, but gratz!