X-45 Heartbreaker Droprate

Will the changes made to the valentines day mount in retail last year be coming to WoTLK classic this year? The rationale of the change applies to all of us in WotLK Classic as well.

Ref: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/x-45-heartbreaker-mount-drop-rate-increase/1511429

It seems if you make the trek out there, build a group, and do your daily summon it doesn’t restrict you from queueing up with LFD… and if you do it does not reset the daily Q… you just grief the party. Double check how many party member have the daily quest before starting summons!


I was really hoping this would be personal loot like the horsemen, it isn’t even teleporting the group to the dungeon atm.

Yeah, I’d ran my alts out there in anticipation of it being required. Still is a bummer LFD is broken.

yo blizz fix this garbage!! cant even summon people to the instance if you use dungeon finder cus its dif servers lol.


Stuff like this is why I don’t get invested into mounts as a reward. Its not the rarity its that everybody wants to be this pseudo collector player and act like they need it so bad.

In reality you are gonna get that mount and ride it for a few days in feb and after that never use it or care because you are onto the next “cool mount” to sweat over.

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I’ve also had people auto leave as soon as the find out its not like hallows end and don’t get auto teleported

Currently, it’s still just a drop off the boss and you need to summon him once per person in your group. I don’t know if I just got insanely lucky or if they changed the drop rate, but I actually just won the mount about 30 min ago.

I got it second time ever running it today :slight_smile:


Indeed. There is a trick to that
In quest log, one you have the quest, it should say [4] next to it (it means 4 OTHER people have the quest too.)

Earlier today invited a fresh 80 dude, turned out to be a boostie, and though he picked up quest, he didn’t turn it in. I had an odd bad gut feeling about him, so I asked him to start first. He didn’t. Saved my run from a leecher.

He also said, “It’s okay whatever. I will be fine. You guys just turn in yours” lmao. Insta kicked him. IDC about your GS for the event, just don’t be a leecher.

In 2 days (I was on vacay for a week), I’ve seen it drop twice. And on Retail you went for years without ever seeing it. So it looks like the drop rates are definitely buffed. Not nearly to the level of HH, but buffed nonetheless. Been seeing quite a lot of people flexing it in Dalaran and open world. Like, a lot.

:crossed_fingers: I get it.


Yeah. Why can we not have proper full queueing for the holiday instance like usual?

Last year the Valentine’s mount had a really common drop rate kind of like how the Headless Horseman mount was this year for WOTLK

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