WW, the red headed step child

Well with zero news on any meaningful changes to WW defensives or even fixing the terrible mess of a layout of our talent tree not feeling motivated to keep playing when every stun in pvp is a death sentence, even if you manage to overlap all your defensives going into the stun you’re still going to be ran through like wet toilet paper.

Having the longest cd on only 1 stun that can be dodged or parried doesn’t feel good when the pvp talent that’s been letting monk limp on through is easily overcome by every melee currently.
RoP can be ignored by just about every melee with their own mobility.
Our healing is a joke, most people do more dmg with just their builder spamable attacks than our healing does to us.
Honestly, just tired of playing bargain basement rogue without stealth.

Currently the master martial artist is no longer capable of being anything more than a chicken sucker puncher who has to run from the first sign of danger.

There is nothing fun or enjoyable about current WW design, it’s pretty clear that blizzard didn’t put any real effort into our spec and just loaded us up with various old borrowed powers and no original thought.

Guess another xpac worth of gold wasted, because I won’t be spending anymore gold on time for this half developed xpac.


There is nothing good about WW design ?

Sure, let’s completely forget that they are tier S+++ in raid and M+, completely owning every other DPS easily.

Maybe they need work in PVP though, but it’s a PVE game primarily


Aren’t they the lowest single target spec in raid right now?

Isn’t this being propped up by the terrible amount of touch of death nodes?

Big numbers doesn’t necessarily equal big fun, currently our talent tree is literally just a bunch of borrowed power that no monk really liked to begin with outside battlegear, but it’s not even the same version just a watered down.

The design is janky

Only in the last half of the games existence has it been a PVE game primarily, up until the creation of LFR the biggest game modes filled with players was 5 man dungeons/bgs, arenas, then raids. They had to add an even easier raid mode than normal just to get people to do pug raids in server again.

Hell they introduced a brawl that was celebrating the old days of wpvp.

During mop’s seige of Orgrimmar, less and less groups were clearing the raid and more and more of the player base was participating in arena and RBGs

So trying to sweep PVP under the rug is a huge disservice to what this game is.


WW’s only redeeming quality is M+ and their initial 6 sec burst in pvp, well was a redeeming quality until our burst was nerfed.

Now that our burst is gutted, why play WW? We’re glass cannons and rogues w/o outs. If blizzard’s goal is to reduce burst, then why isn’t rogue touched?

Faeline stomp and bonedust brew is lazy design. The least they could’ve done is renamed it and reanimated it to something that fits the monk fantasy.


I’ve been calling us bargain basement rogues

Debatable. We can generate good numbers, but god is it propped up by oogabooga. In the bad way too.


Once ToD gets nerfed, and it will because people are already complaining about it, WW won’t even have M+ to prop it up.

Gotta lol at the guy saying monk in S tier in raid as we are bottom of the boss dps rankings in all fights except council.


But but that aoe

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I kinda wish karma was a defensive, and escape from reality made vivify heal.

I also like wars getting a free 100k charge off of rop best defensive/way to kite

not too sure how else I feel mostly cuz I haven’t been enjoying pvp as a whole, hopefully new changes slow the pace down to a comfortable degree?

remove sky reach and give a good substitution on top of buffing wdp, sky reach feels horrible to play and wdp is a really fun button to press

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in pvp? It’s so broken though, it’s like the only good thing about ww right now.


It feels kinda clunky when you’re forced to move depending on range, and it’s inconsistent with max melee tiger palm range too. In pvp it feels like you just teleport from one place to the other sometimes w/some weird z-axis interactions (the tomb map and one of the newer df maps)

in pve I’ve died a few times by being max melee range and somehow getting zoomed in closer into the hitbox; I guess it’s more of an issue in pve than pvp, but it feels a bit not immersive/fun for me in pvp

oh, I’ve used this to some great effect.

idk, give me a map that has some layers and I become a lot more durable

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I hate to see you give up hope. It does feel like we got copy pasta from shartlands with nerfed cov abilities and swapped wdp for thunderfist and a stupid statue.

Regarding the latest class changes tho, I feel like we slipped by without nerfs. They nerfed everyone’s burst but ours lol. That seems like an indirect buff to our survivability if we can survive stuns now. Plus the added stam bonus from the trinket set. Idk I feel like we got lucky but possibly next on the chopping block. I’m guessing if they hit our damage again then they will be forced to touch our defensives.

I’m just so disappointed with the design mostly.

Like i just recently leveled my rogue and man they have so many tools to live it boggles my mind to see any rogue complain about it


I saw this coming a mile away as soon as they started to show they wanted to buff sustain while ignoring defense.

I said screw it and just started FW. At least I can stay in a fight and play the game instead of options a: sit in stun and die or option b: run run run.

Feels bad :expressionless:

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