WW Skyreach Dash

Blizzard pls make the dash from the talent Skyreach optional. Its terrible being push when ur trying to do mechanics and spawning skills. It is killing me in some fights, because its teleporting me inside the boss.


Yeah it can be quite annoying by times, mostly during sanguine affix or with sennarth in the vault, sometime you just charge for dozens of meters untill you are at the tip of the edge.

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I know I’ve dismissed skyreach complaints in other threads but it really does feel inconsistent this exp vs how it functioned in SL. Maybe it’s the abundance of swirl mechanics that skyreach will suck you into even though you’re still in melee range. There’s also several ‘if you touch this you will likely die’ mechanics like the adds on Nerzhul where if you are not actively holding back pedal you will touch the purple. I don’t even have backpedal binded so I just tab to nerzhul to tiger palm if I need chi.

There’s ways around it but it feels like a much larger learning curve than shadowlands dungeons.

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If it would just put you in melee range rather than on top of the target it’d be fine. Why does it port you on top of the target half the time?!


Yes I HATE the dash from this talent. It’s legit pulled me into the Army of Flame on Eranog, its pulled me to the edge of the platform on the Sennarth fight even pulled me back down the steps and around a corner. Does the same thing to me on the last boss in SMB with the adds. Pulls me into sangion, the abilites from the first boss in Court of stars as well. Such a troll ability to have to take…Sadly I left monk because of this, maybe if it pulled us to the EDGE of the hit box instead of the dead center, it would be a bit better.

Here’s a very specific example of it’s inconsistency. Last boss of Shadowmoon Burial Ground with the advancing wall mechanic. We pick a target and I Tiger Palm to generate resources in order to do damage to the skeleton. Half the time it’s ok, the other half of the time I am immediately clipped by the wall and get the dot which at high level keys kills me in seconds even with using all my defensive cooldowns and using a healing potion. I am fully aware of what I need to do (damage the mob while not stepping in the wall), but the game isn’t allowing me to do it and it’s very frustrating. My choice is to risk near immediate death, do no damage to the priority target because I cannot build resources, or not use the talent which I want to use due to it’s increased crit chance proc. Sometimes it seems to teleport me to the edge of a mobs hit box, other times it seems to teleport me to the absolute middle of the hit box. Why can’t it just be consistent?

It’s because of Blizzard’s terrible hitbox design, not necessarily the spell itself.

Yea I don’t even tiger palm the adds anymore. I just tab nerzhul tiger palm him and then go back to the adds.

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I hold down my S key while doing it and have never been hit by the wall.

Funny. I’ve done that as well and still clip the adds. Maybe your S key kung-fu is more powerful than mine.

They honestly could have just made Sky Reach an extra 10 yard range on all our abilities and called it a day.