WW monk s2 guide (pvp)

hey hey guys, threw another guide together for this season.

enjoy the tmog, one of the only good looking ones imo!

:smiley: wrong character

Nice guide! I’m on the fence of which alt I’m gonna level and gear next. I’m really leaning towards WW, but I don’t have one at 60, so I’d be starting a complete fresh toon or buying a level boost. My choices are my DH at level 60, my DK also 60 and making a completely new toon which would be the WW. I played DH a lot in shadowlands but haven’t played him since S4 of shadowlands and kinda lost interest in the DH play style. I’m also not really interested in DK right now since I have a geared 1800+ arms warrior for a solid plate melee toon. Only thing I’m worried about is WW getting another nerf which puts them back into B tier. What are your thoughts, should I take the chance and pickup a WW or just level my DH?

Could you explain a bit further why you’re taking WDP over crane kick now for PvP?

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WDP got buffed by 80%. DoCJ is RNG AoE.

Edit: 120% now.

yep what this guy said

also fof>rsk>wdp>rsk is big burst

How is WW feeling now? especially in SS. Any specs giving WW trouble?

Hey tomato! Question for you. How are you dealing with being overly squish?

Im having a problem surviving. Im in mostly blue gear and pretty novice to ww

Pretty solid. Some specs make me groan, but it’s usually rogues to look out for. Unless you get hard tunneled by people that can rotate stuns, it should be fine.

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gearing improves this somewhat but honestly good port usage is probably your strongest tool to know how to use
it doesn’t matter how decked out the opposition is if you can just bamboozle them with efr double port and overall playing on your sweep goes

can you put together a long form video on playstyle and when to shift gears, what to look for, etc?
i know it’s a lot to ask but after having bicmex spoil me with nature documentary length videos, it helps alot to have someone go that in depth with playstyles and what’s good into what

edit: Im also hearing something about double fang adornments
requesting more info @tomato

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What are you guys rocking for embellishments? Right now I have Sporecloak and 1 Shadowflame patch, and obviously I need to replace Sporecloak but the Shadowflame doesn’t appear to be doing much according to Details. Makes me hesitant to grab a second one.

tbh just alot of pre-emptive play. disarm a kidney as dr wears off. port if some televised cc is coming.

play away from your port in rmp openers


i havent played in a few weeks but ill be pushing again after 9/17 in shuff at least

Hey Op, new monk here. How are you getting off 2 rsk’s that fast? Is it a talent or some proc I’m not aware of?

cdr/rsk resets. been playing hc wow (lvl 56, almost 57) but once i hit 60 ill be coming back to the ol monk

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doesnt mean you drop docj. Taking tiger palm dmg over docj is worthless

yeah i don’t even care for the button. you can def take docj and be fine