WW monk LF Mythic Guild

Hello everyone, as the title states i am a returning player looking to play WW monk/brew OS the tier. I have had Mythic/Ce Experience but never really had a good fit this Xpac. I would love to finish this Tier strong heading into shadow lands. I’m currently 440 on the Monk with a 68 neck but i’m dedicated to catching up on the gear. I’m looking for a chance to prove myself in normal and Heroic with a team that invests in the player not the character. I come fully prepared for raids and do all my research. If your roster is in need of a WW monk please contact me ASAP #Moon14720

Hey, Domfu, my guild is always looking for strong players whatever the class. we raid T/W 8-1030est 4/8MEP and 6/9MBoD. If youre interested let me know Rooster#12720, i tried to add you already but just in case it didnt work