WTS Landro's Gift (Spectral Tiger Chance)

I have some left over TCG cards I was going to keep but I might as well sell them as the gold prices are getting fat. I have 11 unscratched Landro’s Gift Box. You can google wow tcg cards and find all of these and the current market values.
This box has a chance to contain a Spectral Tiger.

Im looking for Gold on Akama Horde. If you look at my previous post history, you can see I have sold on other realms with no complaints. (Kel’thuzad, Tich, Bonechewer)

This is the very last of the cards I have left. I was cleaning and found these :smiley:

Landro’s Gift-x11
Demon Hunter’s Aspect-x1
Spurious Sarcophagus-x1
OWNED!x2 (This is the pvp thumbs down flag)
Landro Longshotsx2 (Very rare tabards)
Rest and Relaxation-x5

Msg me/mail in game Akama Horde- Xelroh or feel free to post here.
I also have every TCG pet so if you are looking for one just msg or mail and ask.