WTF is with old raid scaling?

Post proof or stop posting the lie.

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Sorry to hear the news but it seems BlizZard is hoping this blows over. But I think with many players returning with DF launch more and more people will take notice that scaling in leveling dungeons and old content is way off.

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Good. Bosses with good rewards shouldn’t fall over

SUPPOSEDLY, it has been fixed with today’s hotfixes for Legion raids. But it seems nobody is really noticing faster kills. In fact, its the exact opposite in some cases. Need more data to be able to confirm, however.

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I’ll log in on live to check, already deleted beta since I assumed nothing was gonna change.

Okay just checked and nothing changed for me so i mean yeah…

Found what you are referring to and yeah they are trying to gaslight everyone.

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The amount of bootlicking in this thread is what caused covid to spread like wildfire.

I KNEW BLIZZARD WAS BEHIND COVID THIS WHOLE TIME! All part of their master plan to make us sub longer with busted old content and like it.

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It should be fixed by now since there was a hotfix list stating it.

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That’s a good one.


I wasn’t making nor telling a joke.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Enemy difficulty has been adjusted to increase relative player power in all Legion raid encounters.

I just tested, it’s the same. Level 60s get exactly 10x damage boost, I have no idea what they even claimed to fix.

Tried my 240ilvl warlock, shadow bolt normally hits ~1600 and hits legion bosses for 16,000

Did mythic Goroth:

  • 1min 40sec
  • I received 138k damage (???)

Goroth has 5.25m health, so the HP feels like 525k with a 10x boost.

Level 60 regular mobs have 30-50k hp.


some old dungeons are boinked too. lol.
we were getting one shot by the trio of bosses in one of the razorfen dungeons

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yeah, mythic raid gear in 10.1 minimal, maybe. not a mythic raider…well 10.3.

this got tolerable for me 9.3 in the 268/275 pvp gear I had on chars.

Ion got me once with SL runs. Not twice however in Df. really looking at rogue/hunter runs in df till sub dies feb. Neither version for now has me planning on another time block buy.

End list. 2 chars. for the pvp really. maybe dk if motivated.

this bait to hit current raid is not working with me. I don’t live for raid. Nor do I see the point to needing top gear to kill 5 year old content.


I definitely feel it being faster today then yesterday, on Mistress Sassz’ine it took me like 5 minutes but today it only took like 3.
9 mil health btw
WoD has a 100x dmg buff and Legion only has 10x lmao

Tried some of the Legion raids and while I couldn’t make out any difference in ToS or Antorus, where bosses still take a huge amount of time, I rushed through Nighthold like never before. After sneezing a few times at the first boss so he fell to the floor after a few moments, I thought at first “Oh crap, it’s still on Normal or Heroic, isn’t it”, but… no, Mythic. Managed to kill Spellblade Aluriel before the Beyblade add, while before I was always kicked around through the court.
It’s just a bit odd that I’m just experiencing this in Nighthold and the other raids seem unchanged.

There is a legacy buff, it is just hidden.

All they need(ed) to do is increase the buff - problem solved.

That they refuse to do so tells you everything you need to know.


Even Blizzard has no idea what they are doing.

In DF we will have the equivalent power of 16 start-of-BFA players. This ignores that DPS went up at least 400-500% over the course of the raid tiers in both legion and BFA, so if you want to solo mythic Nyalotha raids, You will be doing so with the equivalent power of 3-4 BFA players. Amazing.


Ever since Ion has said “Shaman reincarnation is the greatest defensive cd EvAr” i don’t put much stock in what he says. Sadly it takes work (and raid tiers) to fix and scale the old raids properly and quite frankly they don’t give two kobold turds to change it.

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People have to put action to words and unsub if this bothers them.

This is the way.