WSG daily quest giving too much xp is giving way too much xp: 12650 xp (around 12 bars of xp, almost a full level) to my level 19 twink (!)

Can you please acknowledge this isn’t intended and help undo the effect on my character that I spent so many hours building/gearing


I just leveled my 19 rogue twink THE EXACT SAME WAY, IT SAID THE QUEST SHOULD HAVE GIVEN 400 EXP. in-game name Clefthide

Tested again today and it’s still not fixed (still giving 12650 xp and 4g40s to a level 11-19)

Still bugged today 12650 xp (and 4g40s) for level 11-19

Still bugged today… halp plz

I keep testing on an alt and as of today, still 12650xp or over 10x what it should be

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I recommend you take 2 actions:

First file a BUG report, they will never reply to you on it but it might be fixed.

Second file a GM request explaining that an in game quest XP bug awarded TOO much experience and DESTROYED your character as a result of an error you could not have predicted. You need them to undo the effects of the quest turn in, which include removing that XP.
You may have to file that GM request a number of times to get the desired result, be clear that your character was intended to be a 19 twink, their bug caused this problem, and you want your character RESTORED to it’s former state.
Typically they have had a policy of never unleveling a character because progression is intended, however they also occasionally will bend that rule, this should be a good case where they will since it wasn’t your fault.

I highly recommend you take no further actions on that character until it is restored, such as turning in quests or equipping level 20 items.
Best of luck :slight_smile:

Thanks ! I did all that and got the “we don’t undo xp” so I first want to see that they acknowledge the bug (and fix it) before re filing the ticket.
My Twink hasn’t moved or did anything at all since turning in the fateful quest that dinged it to 20 unexpectedly (and right now I let that sub expire as it’s pointless for me to pay when I can’t play how I want - I will resub 6 months if my toon last 1/2h of play is undone or even reset to the clone state of may 13 if that’s easier)

Request to speak with a supervisor if GM refuses to undo your levels due to a bug.

So you are a twink, why are you turning the quest in??? Take advantage of the short queue times and get your gank on, then abandon the quest and redo it, rinse and repeat.

Because I had plenty of xp left (1/2 level) and no quest ever gave 1 full level in the history of wow so it seemed safe. It gives honor and silver (well gold as that’s bugged too)

Still bugged. I cancelled 5 subs that I can bring back with 6 months payment if you fix my twink…

Get owned, maybe try pvping in a fair matchup next time

@Killr Obviously, you didn’t.

10-19 twinking IS a fair match up. Everyone knows this is the twink bracket. So get geared or get out. Or stop whining about getting pwned.

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I didn’t what?

Didn’t have enough xp left. Twink + XP = BAD.

I had more than 1/2 a level left before ding. No quest ever in the history of wow ever gave more than 1/2 level of xp in 1 return, so it was supposed to be safe; if not for that bug where they forgot the scaling for that quest