Wrongful Account Banning


So I have come back to World of Warcraft only recently and leveled up to 120…didn’t like it.

When Classic WoW came out I have been playing it all day pretty much since it came out. thats ALL I play.
Then early this morning at about 1:30 AM PST I was booted from the game and given a message of account banned. at the same time I received an email containing this message

Account Action: Account Closure
Offense: Exploitative Activity: Abuse of the Economy

This account was closed because it was involved, either directly or indirectly, with the unauthorized exchange of in-game property for “real-world” currency. This exchange detracts from the integrity of the World of Warcraft game environment.

Blizzard obviously made a mistake. I changed my password just in case but i mean come on blizzard. I wouldn’t even know how to do what you guys are accusing me of, before banning an account couldn’t you guys do some investigating first? Please fix

PS. This is the account that is banned

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Well best thing u can do is follow the apeal process that was outlined in the email thats the best way to get it looked at.

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Please give this a read:

You cannot appeal account actions via the forums.


I appealed Immediately after being Banned. I just wanted to voice what happened to me because they made a mistake

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Blizzard generally don’t collect player feedback on the support forums. When it comes to account actions threads, they usually lock them down.

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This usually means they think the account was involved in gold selling or buying for real money.

Full bans these days are unusual, to be honest.

All you can do is file the appeal though. Consider carefully what might have gone on with your account. Did you engage in any odd trades in game? If something is too good to be true, it usually is.


Nope never, all I did was play classic since its been released. so I have no clue what happened to be honest

(Mirasol) #9

Does anyone else have access to your account? (This is against the rules unless it is one minor child) Do you have an Authenticator on it?

If you did not do it, then it is possible your account was compromised and used by the gold sellers/spammers.

There are also false positives, although those are rare. That is why appeals exist though.

I see you already filed that, so you will need to wait that out.

(Nok) #10

Don’t assume a ban would be just for something that happened recently in classic. It could well be for something that happened when playing the retail game and leveling to 120.


Then the system works. That’s what appeals are for.

(Mastadôn) #12

Did you receive or transfer to someone else a chunk of gold?

I cannot define chunk of gold for classic, bit anything of that nature?

Also Nok is correct As investigations do take time it very well could have been a retail thing that finally caught up.


I Think My Account was Banished. I Haven’t been able to get on any Servers but Oceanic, since last Saturday afternoon. Hell I cant even Open a Ticket.
Do Not!!! Report Cash for Gold Sellers; this is what Happens to Your Account. LOL!!!
They Wouldn’t Stop Spamming their Website to me via Chat invites so I Reported them. I think this is Payback.
Thanks Blizzard; I Have been a customer since a few months before Burning Crusade and this is what I GET .
Yours Truly …Loyal Customer.

(Mirasol) #14

If you can log on to Oceanic servers then your account is not suspended, silenced, or banned.

Reporting gold sellers is not something that will get you in trouble. Only actual violations of the rules do that.

You might want to visit the Tech Support forums to see if anyone else has the same login issue as you. Many many have had server access issues the past few days. Again, it is not due to a ban.


Tinfoil is in aisle #3.

If you wish to address your connection issues, you’ll wish to post in Te ch Support

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When an account is banned or suspended, the account holder receives an e-mail to the associated e-mail address. That doesn’t seem to be the case here since you can log in to some servers.

Are you receiving some sort of error? Have you tried via the website instead?

You’d bee 110% wrong. Gold sellers can’t effect your account in any way unless you give them access to it…which again, doesn’t seem to be the case here.


Sorry, no.

If you can’t reach certain realms, that would most likely be a connectivity thing. If you were suspended or banned, you wouldn’t be able to log in anywhere.

Reporting the cockroaches in-game certainly would not result in any disciplinary action to you.

(Rufflebottom) #18

I don’t have your issues when reporting.

By whom? The spammers? They don’t know you are reporting them. By Blizzard? Blizzard doesn’t want them in the game, why would Blizzard punish someone for reporting it?

Correlation does not imply causation. You are having issues around reporting gold sellers. It does not make that the cause.

The realms are still recovering from the DDoS attack on Saturday. Blizzard did not cause the DDoS attack. Blizzard was the victim of the attack. Blizzard continues to be the victim because of the issues that developed after the attack. Blizzard is one the victims because their customers can not access Blizzard games. They end up being a second victim because players are blaming Blizzard for issues that are a direct result of that attack.

Yes, it is frustrating when you can’t connect properly. I understand that. Work with Blizzard instead of blaming Blizzard.

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