Wrogen Tails Where they at?

Chespin is lying so don’t believe a word they say they just hate Worgen.


Chespin failed trying to argue their case months ago, tried lying and trolling in the post, this is just where they are at now. It is a bit of a weird mania at this point really.


Worgen Tails and Worgen Shaman, imo!


I’m not lying and you know that.

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Chespin give it a break your hate for Worgen players is sad my dude. I mean really its a race in the game and you have been banned a few times for your comments towards Worgen players. But hey its ok we don’t hate your race. We just want options for ours. Im sorry you dont like Worgen but at the same time we arent going anywhere so you just have to deal with us.


You’re partially lying by intentionally misleading. Even 400 people is a pretty large chunk of interested forum goers, especially since the vast majority of posts against it are yourself and the weirdly obsessed Moonguard clique.

I reject this number anyway. The post is there and people may look for themselves. The OP got herself banned over a year ago for other reasons, so that is at least one particularly interested person not bumping the post

I’ll also point out that your original reason for your dislike of worgen was your claim that the worgen/Scythe of Elune link was contrived retconning to validate playable worgen druids which “ruined your game.” That shifted significantly when I linked you the actual release date vanilla quest and associated flavor items that showed you were full of tauren dung and had no idea what you were talking about.

You then resorted to just flat out lying and trolling when it was further pointed out to you that tauren druids are the exact sort of contrivance that you claim to hate: Amended lore so a certain race, and through that race, the Horde could have druids.

Only 2 people from that post are here and with about the same sort of ratio of for and against, as well as WHO is for and against, is also pretty well represented. People may judge for themselves what they think of how truthful you are and feel free to browse the uber post to see arguments for and against.





Give Worgen tails.


Yep, you’re doing the exact same thing as always ignoring what I said. You claimed I was lying which is a your own lie. It doesn’t take too much effort for someone to check the other thread to prove I’m right.

You and your bunch are following me around flagging random posts which really don’t deserve it at all. I just hope the admins catch on to your little troop’s antics and punish you appropriately. Too many times an admin had to restore a post due to false reports.

I just don’t get why there are ppl against them having tails…like it’s just would be a cool cosmetic change that would make the characters look nicer and all just let there be an option for a tail or not is all I think should happen. The whole against them having a tail makes no sense to me it can only improve the game it’s a minor change but a needed one that just helps them look better.


I agree. Check Chespin’s post history for gems like this:


No I am not lying Chespin you have time and time again come to Worgen threads to attack the Worgen players who make posts. You hate the race and want it removed from the game and have been very vocal about it claiming it hurts your Druid by having Worgen in the game. Your hate for Worgen is well known on the forums and we don’t follow you around to report you, you get reported by others who disagree with your posts. The only time Ive ever reported you was when you did personal attacks on Worgen players and went too far with your posts. You really need to get over your hate for Worgen. Rather it be cause we are furrys which you yourself are or it be cause you just dont like the race for some false lore pretense you really should just give up on it cause Worgen arent leaving.

You have a current post on the druid forums claiming that Worgen, Kul Tir, and Troll druids shouldnt exist… I already responded there with my druid but seriously its unhealthy to hate so much. We don’t like your posts but we dont hate you. Like I said we only report you if you step out of line. Your entitled to your own opinion all you want but there is no amount of you wanting Worgen removed from that game that will ever make that happen.


Chespin is doing a pretty good job right now of showing any reader they don’t have an issue with worgen tails. Their issue is with worgen in general, and their argument against tails here has been like it was in other places when it comes to any worgen related issue: not an honest one. I think we are getting pretty good at exposing it more quickly.

Like, personally I think lightforged draeni and mechagnomes are really dumb and should have been customization options like black night elf eyes. Not a race. And I might make jokes about them, particularly mechagnomes. But never in a million years would I take them away from players, and even though I have my own wants for worgen customization, I’ll say they also have an equal right to a healthy catalogue of customization options, because that is what it is to not be a selfish brat.

I said:

and you said:

If someone else went to the other thread would they say I’m wrong? I believe they’ll side with me, the numbers are right there in the OP’s post. Strangely you cannot stand anyone else with with a different opinion you instinctively must stamp it out since you’re unable to compromise.

So instead of ranting else how about you’re actually try and defend your argument how numbers sitting right in your face is wrong?

Where we going?

Worgens don’t have tails. Canon lore writers have specifically said so. There’s nothing to “fix.” Also: there’s a megathread for this.

I disagree. They’d just end up looking like those stupid chibi fox things and Worgen aren’t meant to be cutesy.

Isn’t that make up?

There is more than 50 people who have posted on that thread Chespin you are wrong.

oh I thought it was a hair thing.

IDK, I just use generic whatever on my hair.

Tresume? Ooh la la