Wrist Rune Ability macro not working

Following the previous formula for SoD macros such as;
/cast Legs Rune Ability
/cast Hands Rune Ability
/cast Chest Rune Ability
I assumed the following macro would work for the Wrist rune slot.
/cast Wrist Rune Ability

As it stands, this macro does not work. Have y’all ran into any issues with this as well? Is there something I’m missing perhaps?..

Disregard, I found the solution. The nomenclature for the macros before matched the name of the slot the rune were equipped on; such as Legs, Feet, Head, Chests, etc.

The Wrist rune is received in macros as Bracer for some reason.
#showtooltip Bracer Rune Ability
/cast Bracer Rune Ability

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On that note. I can’t figure out the corresponding notation for the Head rune. Please advise


This is the full list:

Thank you!