Wrath players

If they made a wotlk-era server with no token, hardest tune, but you have to pay $5 per character creation.

Would you play on it?

You couldn’t post on the dozens of other threads talking about Wrath that already exist?

You can play Neverwinter if you want to pay to unlock more toons.

So you would not pay $5 / toon to play on wotlk era?

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Yea sure. Then we can both play on a dead server. I already played original Wrath with no tokens. Then Cata came. Country to popular belief, the private servers that began popping up back to back after original Cata launched were not Wrath servers. They were mostly level 60 cap private servers. We have a different group of people who made Wrath Classic as who made the original version. It would not be possible to get the exact same original version of Wrath that we had back then today right now. I will begin to play Cata as soon as I am done with other things in WoW.

And original Wrath…got very very, VERY boring right at the very end. Pretty much all there was to do was arena for me. All the dungeons had been done, all the raids cleared. Just people sitting around waiting to see what came next. Most of us were bored out of our minds at the end of original Wrath. The original story had ended.

We got to find out what happened to Arthas after he went to Northrend. We got our very first ever hero class. Wrath private servers have never been much of a thing until just recently. It was mainly only the level 60 ones. Northrend is still in retail and is mostly unchanged. And in Cata you can still play around in Northrend.

And the $5 toon by toon unlock is what other MMOs do. And that also is what killed Neverwinter having you pay to play your own alts that you make. I play paladins and shams mainly. Shams are super good in HC and SoD and Cata. Pallies are doing okay. So. All is well.

0% chance we could have Wrath servers running at the same time that Cata is out and that HC and SoD and retail is a thing along with MoP event and have it do any good at all.

WoW token sales in Cata greatly outdoes what a $5 toon creation would do. And paying to play more toons has caused people to outright quit other MMOs.

I’d probably play it. The $5/char is a little weird and it might cause me to spend a ridiculous amount of time contemplating my bank alt, which actually might end up causing some stress, and I might back out of playing altogether as a result.

I’m suddenly quite curious as to how the fee works. Do I get a free character if I delete one? Like is it a character slot, or the actual character?

Yeah, idk… I might not play it.


Probably. I would be very selective about what characters I make. My Tauren hunter? He can stay on Classic for free. My DK, or blood elf? I would pay for that. They could travel through the original world, TBC, and Wrath whenever they/I wanted. That would be worth it to me. As is I leveled said characters up to 60 and they will jump into TBC whenever I feel like it and pretend the Cataclysm didn’t happen.

Nope, we all ready pay a subscription fee.

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And I’d do the same for TBC servers - under ONE condition - PvE servers.

And I’d pay double to have my old main cloned back to the Wrath server from Cata.

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this is a good idea. make them put their money where their mouth is. Then we’ll see who’s who.

Lmao nope.

This, right here, 100%.

Let’s maybe stop trying to normalize predatory gaming monetizaton practices. The sub fee supports the server and it’s pretty clear that there is demand for WotLK, as well as TBC.

Blizzard provides the service, we pay for it. We don’t need to pay them any more for that. We’re not talking about a company down on their luck and going through hard times here, we’re talking about a company who apparently reported ~10 billion USD in revenue last year.

If players find a one-time $5/character too much for wotlk era, wouldn’t it follow that blizzard may also sees long-term maintenance and upkeep of such a mode as not worth it?

I would pay, as stated, but I would much rather have split up subs. Ie. a set sum for each; Era (including HC), Seasonal, TBC Era, Wrath Era, Catam and Retail. Maybe with a discount for all of them.

Cheeky, my friend.

Blizzard should have offered cloning originally at $5/character and better gauged the interest in both Era and TBC.

It’s kinda like a “game pass” now though. One price = a bunch of games. Pretty cool.

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$5 per clone copy you mean?

Yeah I would

Agreed. Personally I support tbc / wotlk era servers, but I can see how the decision can quickly become complicated from blizzard’s perspective.

How many Era servers do they make? Is cata… etc… going to also get an Era server? What are the implications of potentially having to maintain half a dozen different Era servers? and what does that mean for their playerbase?

Personally I was thinking $5 for any toon created on that server, but was more using the dollar value to try and gauge interest over proposing any specific monetization scheme.

Like, I would pay $5 per Era toon ontop my sub no problem if the alternative was no-vanilla-Era. More so, if it wasn’t for Era I simply wouldn’t even pay for a sub and would play dota or just no video games.

For me the option is vanilla Era or no-wow. If for wrath players the alternative is just cata , retail, sod, vanilla-era, or whatever, then it may be in blizzard’s best interest not create wotlk era.

I’m not against having eras for each expac but yes it could get unwieldy.
I’d propose one pve and one pvp. With Blizzard’s “megaservers are the way” mindset as SoD has made clear, my guess is that would be enough. But again only a guess since I’ve no numbers to back that up. Just feelings and observations.

So to answer the original question even though I wouldn’t play Wrath, token or no, I’d still advocate for those that want it. Choice is good.

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Would be cool if we had TBC and Wrath Era servers in the bundle too, but if the way to have them is to pay, I’d like split up subs.

Agreed and that’s why I’m here in this topic to support that.

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Yeah it is time blizzard remove ‘server’ choice from players, it is an outdated abstraction. Players should only select game mode (version & pve or pvp).

I think there are probably a few ways to make all versions have their own Era that provide great player and dev experience.

And many more ways to make it in which one, or the other, or both, are perpetually unhappy.