Wrath of the Lich King Classic: Ulduar Now Live!

Can we get a confirmation on Race/Faction change, Server Transfer, and also the DK changes?


Blizz doesnt care about classic because reeetail makes them so much more profit.

Nice less then a weeks official notice.


Bye Felicia!


isnt today “Wednesday”? and it goes live next week “Thursday”? Are you on some kind of alien calendar? In normal logic the above statement is 1 week +1 day.


and 3pm pst to boot, so really its 1 week and 1.5 days really!

Lmaoooo you guys still holding on to faith in this dev team.


Rating requirements to obtain Furious Gladiator’s gear remains unchanged from Season 5.

Did you forget about T2 weapons?

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Emalon the Stonewatcher in Vault of Archavon - 17th or 19th?


Tuesday is the patch day.

Excited for Ulduar.

I think the player base, as a whole, would appreciate more than a week’s notice on official release dates. Sure, we had suspected dates based on pvp season ending, you proposing a 2nd PTR session, etc. This has been an unfortunate pattern in Classic that makes it hard for a lot of guilds to transition out of slower/farm availabilities to be ready for a new raid. Looking back through old blue posts for BFA/SL looks like the general timeframe was 10-14 days of notice for patch date, then raids released normal/heroic another week out. Realistically, players got 2-4 weeks notice of raid release which helps a lot with coordinating a raid team. I’m not even necessarily concerned with Thursday releases based on our guild’s schedule, but I know that has an impact on other guilds.


if only we had race and faction changes enabled


Why scarce with info? It was previously communicated that 25m gear would drop in 10m upon P2 release… but that info has oddly been left out of this news release.


Wrath Classic Solo Shuffle when?

I have to agree w/this. Thursday releases just messes up an entire week for schedules. Drop it on a Monday or very latest Tuesday.

Sorry Krum…

/flush :slight_smile:

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They did raid releases on rest for 15 years before classic came out, why is classic different? lol

No changes to support casual arena participation… well i guess we have another dead ladder >.>

what about the new boss in vault is he their on tues or thurs

Any update on the DK nerf? Is it actually going live?