Wrath - "invalid target" Envenom question

I noticed an issue stabbing a training dummy today and was wondering if anyone could help me explain what are causing it?

For whatever reason when I try to Envenom the dummy, I get an “invalid target” error.
I have a 5 stack of Deadly Poison on the dummy as well as combo points, and everything else seems to be working as it should. I just can’t use Envenom, despite it being lit up and happy.

Thank you for answers, if you know what I causing this!


Not playing Wrath at the moment, but it kinda sounds like the spell is bugged/missing a flag to let you use it on mechanicals which would otherwise be immune to poison?

Unless this is some archaic “working as intended” thing I just don’t remember?

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Just noticed this too, it was working fine a few days ago.