Wrath Classic Patch Notes Version 3.4.1

when are we getting RDF???
i was there in Wrath Original. you may be much too young to remember.
we had RDF then. plz stop stalling before your game dies off without RDF. do the right thing before its too late & you all are laid off for killing Wrath Classic.

you can put this CRAP in (Titan Rune Dungeon), that wasnt in Wrath but no RDF???


The Game calendar is still not letting anyone but the GM make guild events… your bug fix didn’t do anything.

cause you didn’t really earn them and no one did so why would there be a title no one get’s unless you cheese it

You really need to make it so you can choose to queue in LFG for a Heroic or Heroic+. There is so much frustration here with regards to people getting invited to an instance they don’t want to run.


RDF was a perfectly good tool that fixes that problem. i used to love to be able to manually form a group then random que the group into a dungeon or pick a specific run. couldnt count the number of alts i ran around levelling up with rdf in the picture, now… my money maker/bank alt and my main. thats it.

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i love ulduar :smiley:

please add rdf guys…


The Only thing thats wrong with the Game is the Speed at which you release Content there are so many People calling for ToC release and yet its not even on the PTR yet. Then you wonder why the Game is losing subs again that tends to happen when you force people to do the Same Boring Content all the Time. I Understand you have a time frame in which you have Planned releases but dont the want of the people your customers come before your profits? What am i saying of course we dont we never have why should that ever change. I’m just saying that yall may wanna consider dropping ToC soon before wrath falls apart more then it already has.

its the casuals that get punished by the sweaty tryhards that burn through content in a week. shrugs. they should market a casual rdf server for pve and see how many jump to it lol. probably fill up pretty fast with dirty casuals clawing to get away from the hardcrore folks.


Thank you!

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