Wrath Classic Patch Notes Version 3.4.1

I also was farming in Mara for my Alt to lvl eng. Looks like you cant jump on the plants, logout and get ported to the beginning since it came up. Guess they fixed that also.

Unintentional fun was detected.

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I can not set the Max Foreground FPS . It doesn’t work.

Anyone know how much extra loot the bosses in 25 are dropping? Just wondering if we can expect 3 or 4 vanquisher head tokens this week instead of 2. /random >.>

For the love of god! When are we getting race changes!?


With this patch, my GPU is pretty much running at 100%. I have set my foreground FPS to run at 120, but it has flown over 230+. I’ve tried changing different settings, moving the foreground FPS from 10 FPS, no difference. I’ve reset default settings, tried turning on and off vsync, no difference. Anyone else seeing this?!?

it should be +1 item

I got same.

Race change ??? COME ON TAKE MY MONEY
Why would I invest my action into actionvision blizzard if they dont make the easiest sh*t they can do AND ACTUALLY OFFER THIS PAID SERVICE I’m am asking it since 2019.

Same problem here!

What garbage. A bunch of trash fixes that nobody gave a damn about, and completely ignoring the community on other requests.

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Perhaps in Blizzard’s infinite wisdom, they could add a separate tab to the group finder for the new titan rune dungeons? It’s quite annoying trying to find out who in the listings for “heroic dungeons” are actually doing the new mode or just doing the old heroic dungeons, especially considering you are required to have 2FA and SMS 2FA attached to your blizz account to even post a note in the group finder.

I wonder if when Ulduar comes out, Blizz will forget to add it to the group finder for groups to list themselves too lol


Thanks for nerfing hunter pets… like they really were doing too much damage :roll_eyes:

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I would like to start off by saying that Naxxramas is the best possible raid environment for unholy death knights to get a perfect snapshot. Not every raid especially next tier, will you be able to lust immediately at the start of almost every boss with prepot active and fish for procs with little to zero movement, lack of phase specific dps checks, and almost no mechanics that you have to worry about as a melee dps on any encounter. Fight duration is another massive difference in this raid tier as gargoyle+army are active for almost half of every fight or longer for example on fights such as (anub/faerlina/maex/noth/gluth) these summons are active for practically the entire duration of the fight which is something that we will never see again this expansion.

Another issue with the data gathered from top performers is that you can visibly see especially on alliance that to be a top contender as an unholy death knight you would have had to done a near 4 hour long parse run with every available cooldown on every fight (waiting for army/doing wargames), and even then still resetting a fight because multiple DKs didn’t get a good snapshot. This is relevant because there is clear data from warcraftlogs that warlocks which tend to do better on longer duration fights(longer execute) still performed better than alliance unholy death knights by a large margin while being in sub two hour clears without every available cooldown (infernal in this case), and continuous resetting of bosses to get perfect speed kills.

I suggest and hope that blizzard will realize this change is for the worse, and will revert it while introducing a hotfix that makes it so troll racial (Berserking) can’t be snapshotted for gargoyle and possibly Army of the Dead.

The current change also greatly lowers the skill ceiling for Unholy DK players, and will standardize gameplay for the spec at the top end which will make gameplay feel effortless and boring in comparison to trying to minmax everything perfectly which would also be extremely hard to do midfight as you would have to do in most fights in Ulduar; Freya, Yogg-Saron, Iron Council, and Hodir are the best examples of this.

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Yeah upon logging in and not seeing heroic+ as an option on the LFG tool was laughable. If they dont fix that its going to be a clusterf*

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Oh yeah

Nice job fixing the group finder bug too Kaivax

Fkn degenerate

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Why was water removed from wintergasp? Why is the minimap now green while in the instance? When will you disable the sharing of unwanted irrelevant quests while in BGs?


This is perfectly stated. I seriously can’t figure out why blizzard would nerf a class that isn’t even the top performer in Ulduar.

Not to be ungrateful for my “Survivor of the Firelord” title, but I also have the achievements for “Survivor of the Shadow Flame (Season of Mastery)”, “Survivor of the Old God (Season of Mastery)”, and “Survivor of the Damned (Season of Mastery)”

Why don’t those have titles, too?

UP fixed :smiley: